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Thread: Job Searching

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    Job Searching

    I have just graduated from post secondary for the second time leaving me with 2 degrees and 1 diploma.

    But I am struggling so hard to search for a job in my field or any sort of related field. It's hard because I want to be selective, I want a career where I can learn and grow and have a team supporting me. But everything I find would require ample experience, or put me in a singular role with what seems to be little help, or opportunity for mentorship or growth.

    I am at an age where I should be starting my career (or well into it for some lucky ones). I know I shouldn't compare myself to others...but holy moly this is hard. And it's even harder because most people applying for these entry level jobs are like me. They have degrees and went back to school and got a diploma. Even with two Bachelor's I don't seem to have the upper hand.

    Does anyone have any sort of advice or wisdom? Any tips or tricks or even suggestions on how to find something like this?

    Thanks a bunch berries <3
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    I know it's really sucky advice, but it's true:

    It's easier to get a job once you have a job.

    Get the ones that are in your field but have little room for growth, or get one that you think you would enjoy and give you transferable skills. It's admirable to want to grow in a job, but mostly people will change jobs at least once rather than sticking and growing in one role. Find a job that would be both fulfilling to you and can be used as a stepping stone to future work (by offering the experience you'd need for other roles etc.)

    And most of all, try not to be too disheartened. Job hunting absolutely sucks, but you can do it!
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    Take what you can get. Start building experience in jobs you aren't thrilled about. You have to take steps toward your dream job, you won't be able to hop straight in.

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    I agree with the previous posters. At the start of your career it's okay to be selective, but you can't be too selective. Maybe the perfect job for you is out there somewhere, but chances you'll find it right away are very slim. When I graduated I struggled to find a job too, and in the end started a job that wasn't exactly what I was looking for. But it gave me some experience, I kept looking for something better and found another job I loved. I'm now in my third job (I'm 30 years old), and this is a job I can see myself working in for the rest of my career.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone! I did end up getting a really good job recently (this week!), in my field and I am very excited. I just have to be patient again because it starts in August.
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