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    I've never really thought too much about this but I can definitely pick out common patterns in all my combos...
    - Little to no repeating sounds
    - One/two syllable nature names in the second middle spot
    - No alliteration
    - Landscape imagery is my friend
    - First name tends to be the longest but sometimes it's the first middle
    - Try to avoid putting names together that end in a similar sound (with some exceptions)
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    I don't have any strict rules, but I try to avoid rhyming or almost rhyming names. I'm also not a fan of repeating sounds, but as long as it's not too obvious I don't really mind it.
    I do like alliterations, as long as the names aren't too similar (i.e. different number of syllables, not rhyming, one sounds softer than the other...)
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    Thanks for sharing your rules/preferences in name combining!

    Quote Originally Posted by lavenderwitch View Post
    That definitely sounds like synesthesia, especially your DH's thing with the shapes!
    Cool! Thank you for the info and responding!
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    Come to Nameberry haha. For real though- combos give me wayyy more stress than they should so I come to Nameberry.

    That being said I tend to like "bold". Like "this is my style, I'm not toning it down". I would name my child Ouida Ursula all day long even though the flow isn't best over something like Ouida Elise because I genuinely like Ursula and Elise is just lukewarm.
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