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Thread: Tattoos?

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    Just wondering if anyone here has gotten a tattoo!

    I really want to get one but I'm afraid it will make future employers less likely to hire me, or that I'll regret it for some reason I'm not thinking of at the moment.

    Also, how did you decide on one idea? Do you regret it now? Was the pain ridiculously awful or just painful? Does it affect how people think of you? Does your employer hate it/have you had problems being hired? Do you have lots of tattoos or just one or two?

    Thank you!

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    I have two tattoos and I’m one impulse decision away from getting more lol! Both of mine are very small and can be covered up by a band-aid, if I ever need to hide them.

    How did I decide on one idea? Easy: it was the only idea I had at the time for either. I got my first one in July 2017, a little symbol of a sunset on my inner ankle. I got my second in October 2018 and it’s the Taurus constellation on the side of my forearm, straight down from my pinky finger. The second was a somewhat impulsive decision (I had the idea for a couple weeks before doing it) but I had been planning the first for months. I don’t regret either of them now, although I was a bit self-conscious about the constellation because someone told me she thought it was a spider at first (and I hate spiders) but no one has ever said that since, and everyone has gotten that it’s a constellation, so I think that was just because I got it right before Halloween.

    I have a relatively high pain tolerance but I will say that the second one (on the arm) was much easier than the first. I actually quite enjoyed the process of getting my second tattoo, and I would go through the pain again because it was sort of a satisfying pain. One of those “hurts so good” sort of things? I’m not sure how to describe it without sounding like a masochist lol. I’m considering getting another tattoo on the same part of my other arm, if that says anything. The ankle tattoo definitely hurt more. I found myself longing for it to be finished during the process, and I nearly stopped the artist when he went back to fix up a line after previously saying he was done. Obviously, some parts of the body hurt more than others though.

    I don’t think it’s impacted how people think of me. If it did, they didn’t say it to my face, and I’ve gotten tons of compliments on my tattoos, even from people I don’t know very well. My family knew about the first one I was getting but I sprang the second on them over FaceTime because I was at school when I got it. My mom is really chill about tattoos (she has one of her own) so she only wanted us to wait until we were 18 and then find a nice, clean place to get it done. I’m lucky in that sense. I haven’t had any issues with my tattoo at my jobs. I actually started my summer internship today and my mentor said not to worry about it. She said it might be wise to cover it up when I’m working with patients but I think people are becoming a lot more easygoing when it comes to tattoos. I’ve had teachers and physicians with tattoos (heck, my mom’s a doctor), there are several politicians with visible tattoos, and I’ve even had a college professor offer extra credit for a tattoo design where he would get the winning student’s design tattooed on his body.

    Do you have any ideas for what tattoo you want and where? I love talking to others about tattoos!
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    Thank you so much for your response!

    It's good to hear from another person who actually has tattoos, nobody around me does and keeps telling me not to get one or I get a groaning, "well, it's your choice..." Except for my mom and sister, who want them themselves but don't have any so I can't go off of their experiences.

    I think yours sound so lovely! I really like that they can be covered with a bandaid! That's kind of genius, I might consider that...

    I have a relatively high pain tolerance as well, so I totally understand the 'hurts so good' kind of pain-- like pressing on a bruise. That's a bit reassuring, I'm sure I can handle it I just feel like I have to ask!

    I have a couple of ideas but they're all a little bit bigger? I might want to scale down for my first few but idk.
    So far I am thinking of getting:
    - a shark's jaw on the inside of my elbow so it looks like it's opening and closing when I move my arm (kind of dorky I know but I've wanted it for years now and I love sharks)
    - a big iridescent green beetle with an opal or moonstone on its back on the back of my calf
    - a little opossum sitting in a pumpkin, I don't know where, but not too huge
    - a snake wrapping around my ankle (I own 2 snakes but would get a white-lipped python instead of them I think)
    - something space and sea related, no idea what yet

    I'm going into animal rescue so I'm not too horribly worried about being unemployable as a lot of people have tattoos in that field, but I am a huge worrier anyways. Nowadays plenty of people have tattoos, but I am an anxious person and like to avoid confrontation. I'm somewhat terrified of an employer telling me I can't have a tattoo because there's nothing I can do about it after the fact? Haha.

    by the way -- If you think any of my ideas sound better than the others, I would really appreciate the advice!

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    I don't have any tattoos, I've considered them on an off for a couple of years, but decided not to for two reasons:
    1. My partner absolutely hates them, and while they have made it clear that it's my body and my choice I know they wouldn't like it and I don't want one enough to do it.
    2. We are considering moving to Japan (for a few years, not forever) and tattoos are really taboo there, not so much that it sucks if you're a tourist with them, but apparently for living there it can make things difficult. So if I do ever get one, it will be when I'm quite a bit older and we've done that adventure.

    My sister got a tattoo to mark the 10 year anniversary of our mum's death. She has a purple tulip on her inner arm, just below the elbow.
    She is a registered speech therapist who travels between schools working with children and does a clinic once a week, she does not hide it at work and has been promoted twice since getting it. Apparently she's been complimented on it a lot.
    She said it was like having a bruise that someone scratched repeatedly, it wasn't comfortable but it also wasn't at all as painful as she thought it would be.

    If I were to get one I would get a purple tulip, like my sister. But we like different art styles, so we'd get the same thing but while hers is neat and gently coloured I'd go for something more abstract. I really love 'watercolour' tattoos, so I'd probably go for one like that.
    So my three tattoo ideas are:
    Watercolour purple tulip (black line tulip outline, splash of colour)
    Watercolour orange fox (either black outline of a fox with an orange splash, or just orange watercolour in a fox shape)
    Watercolour purple and green hummingbird (no idea how this would end up looking!)

    Foxes and Hummingbirds are my favourite animals. I also really like peacocks, but not enough to have one on my body.

    Of your ideas, I love the snakes!
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    Hey! I don't have any tattoos yet, though I'm obsessed with them and planning to get my first one next summer. A lot of my friends/family have them and I've watched a lot of videos on them so maybe I can help?
    Some general things to keep in mind, in case you didn't know:
    The bolder the lines the longer the tattoo will last. That said, small tattoos can age fine as long as they're not single needle!
    From your list of tattoos, you mention some with color. I think tattoos with color can be stunning but keep in mind that some colors fade faster than others when picking your design! As far as I know, yellow, orange and pink fade the easiest, and blue/dark green last the longest.
    The possum tattoo sounds adorable! And since the shark one is the one you've wanted the longest it's probably the one you're least likely to regret.
    About tattoo placement, I'd 100% recommend arms and thighs. From what I've heard they hurt the least, and they don't fade nearly as fast as foot/finger tattoos. If you live somewhere hot I'd suggest getting the tattoo somewhere hidden underneath short-sleeved shirts, as the sun can damage tattoos if you're not wearing sunscreen. Chest/rib tattoos are usually a bad idea if you'd rather avoid pain.
    Oh, and about leg tattoos, I've heard that walking is /not/ a fun experience the day(s) after getting them, so if you were to get one you shouldn't do it on a day before a work day.
    I agree that nowadays tattoos are way more widely accepted. My mom is a secretary at a big shipping company, she works closely with the boss and he's never commented on her wrist tattoo.

    Oh, and @sparkleninja18 your tattoos sound really cute!
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    @auroracallista, my younger sister (age 16) really wants to get a number of tattoos when she’s old enough. My other sister (age 12) is completely disgusted by the idea of getting a tattoo (which makes me sad because I’ve seen so many adorable sister tattoo ideas on Pinterest but obviously her body, her choice). I think I’m the only one of my close friends who has tattoos but I have a couple friends who want them.

    I think the shark tattoo sounds really cute! Dorky tattoos are often the best. I found an adorable Avengers tattoo that I’ve thought about getting. I agree with @emmievis about the placement and pain. I think finger tattoos are super cute but most artists will try to talk you out of getting them because they fade so quickly. Neither of my tattoos were unbearably painful but my arm one definitely hurt less. I was expecting it to hurt more than it did. Neither of mine got particularly swollen or red either. The one on my arm had a red outline for a few hours but nothing else.

    I don’t think any of your ideas sound significantly more painful than the others. If you want a more expert opinion, I recommend talking with an artist in your area! If you’re looking to get something more intricate, you should definitely get to know the artist you’re planning to go to. Like with other forms of art, every tattoo artist has their own style so you should make sure you’re on the same page with whoever you use. They can also assist in figuring out where to put them so the tattoo doesn’t fade or hurt as much.

    @emmievis, thank you!
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    I'd consider something small. Depends on where you live, but most workplaces aren't as uptight about tattoos nowadays. So many people have them.

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    I'd like a small version of the BTS Love Yourself heart on my ankle because the band and their music mean a great deal to me.
    I'd perhaps also like a blowing dandelion on my back (again only small) or three small stars on my wrist.
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    I've got three tattoos:

    - a Bible verse on my left wrist
    - an image of a solar eclipse on my right wrist
    - an image of a sleep walking boy on my right lower arm. It's an image often used by Sigur Rós, my favorite Icelandic band. It reminds me of my family and Iceland. My twin brother has the same image tattooed on his chest.

    I'm thinking of getting one or two more and I have some ideas, but I'm not sure which one I want first yet. I want my tattoos to be meaningful, I'd never get one just because I think it looks nice. Nothing wrong with that, just not for me. I doesn't really hurt that much, I think. I do have a small coagulation problem, so whenever I've had the tattoo done it bleeds quite heavily (well, at least more and longer than with most people) and it can be a bit messy, but nothing too bad.

    I've never experienced any problems finding a job or had any negative comments at work. I'd never get a tattoo on a place where it can't be covered up if necessary, like on my hands or face. I usually don't cover them up intentionally when I'm working, but I wear long sleeves a lot of the time because I get cold easily, so they're not always visible.
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    I only have one tattoo but I’m craving getting some more! My tattoo is in honour of my grandma who passed away, it’s a rose (her favourite flower) with her signature in the stem. It’s extremely meaningful to me and I could never regret it. Mine is on the side of my hip and the pain was kinda uncomfortable but not to the point where it was unbearable, the only part that bothered me was the end because it’s close to the bone. Mine is hidden 99% of the time so many people don’t even know I have one, so I don’t think future employment is an issue for me. If you’re really worried about employment being an issue I would get them where you can hide them (side, back, legs, etc.)! I love the sound of your ideas (especially the shark one because I love them too!) and I hope you decide to get one, trust me you’ll love it
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