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Thread: Tattoos?

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    I have four tattoos which I've gotten over the past two years. None of them hurt that much, as other people have said it was more of a bruise kind of pain rather than being unbearably painful. I have my niece's handprint from when she was a newborn with her name on my upper back, a song lyric written down the inside of my forearm, and a crescent moon with paint splattering off of it on my hip. My older brother and I also have a matching avengers logos on our shoulders. So nothing super exciting, but I do like the ones I have and I think I would like to get a few more in the future.
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    I just booked an appointment for my first one!! It's going above my right knee (like in the top of the thigh part, if that makes sense?) and I hope that isn't a bad idea for my first one!

    I've been wanting one for years but ran into several issues. For starters, I used to be pursuing a career in the health field. I know things are changing, but my professors (all actual nurses, as well) really hammered home how bad of an idea it would be to get a visible tattoo. However, I'm working in an entirely different field, where appearance is completely irrelevant. My next concern was placement. I'm super picky and wanted to avoid areas where I would have to avoid shaving, where the skin wouldn't stretch as I gain/lose weight, and where it wouldn't interfere with my work (I have to lift). My last concern was just the ins and outs of the process. I have major social anxiety, so making appointments isn't easy for me, especially dealing with something I know nothing about.

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    My first one is on my back/upper shoulder, and I was surprised at how smoothly it went, I didn't find it painful at all though I've also heard that some people find the shoulder bad.
    I picked it only a few months before my appointment, but it is tied to my Irish heritage. The only think is I would change it so it's not solid black.

    2nd is on my ankle and it wasn't horrible. There were definitely uncomfortable moments.
    It's a memorial piece for my grandmother so I knew what I wanted but let the artist draw it that day.

    Both I put in places that can be easily covered for work but my current job hasn't had an issue with them.
    I think it depends on what type of job you have, where it's located, and what it's of.
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    I have a lot of tattoos around 16. I'll start from the beginning

    My first tattoo is a kiwi surrounded by 4 stars to represent my country New Zealand. Our national bird is a kiwi and our flag has 4 stars.

    My next is a paw print in celtic design. To represent my love for animals and celtic heritage.

    My third is a cat with a strength synbol. Reminding me to stay strong.

    Number 4 is a quote from my favourite TV show MASH

    Number 5 is a book because I love reading.

    Number 6 is Garfield because why not. I love Garfield.

    Number 7 is co-ordinates from my trip to South Korea and Japan

    Number 8 is a cat semi colon.

    Number 9 is a Japanese quote.

    Number 10 is a sign post with everywhere I've been on South Korea, Japan and Cambodia. ,Also dedicated to ny favourite show MASH.

    Number 11 start of my sleeve my one of my favourite animals a panda.

    Number 13 a song quote from my band. Westlife.

    Number 14 astrix from MASH title

    Number 14 another cat.

    Number 15 a kakapo my favourite bird.

    Number 16 a monkey my latest tattoo.

    I plan of getting more in the future to finish my sleeve one day. Taking a break this year from getting any. I'm thinking of getting a koi fish when I go to Japan next year.

    The pain depends from person to person and the place you get it. Getting hired I think it depends on where you work. Where I work now there is no issue. But when I graduate this year I will learn how to hide them.

    Deciding on them was easy they all meant something to me. Like where I from, a TV show I have loved since I was 13 same with my song lyric, favourite animals etc.

    My advice look around at artists work find someone who you feel comfortable with whose style matches what you want.

    Good luck
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    I have one tattoo, it's large-ish about the size of my hand on my thigh.

    As for the employers, depending on your field or location it won't really matter. Tattoos are becoming less and less taboo. As long as it isn't offensive, then most people aren't bothered.

    If you are worried I would suggest getting a tattoo where it could be hidden. picture yourself wearing shorts and a t-shirt, as long as it can go somewhere under there, it doesn't matter because you can easily hide it.

    I decided on the idea after plenty of years searching and scouring the internet for something meaningful to me. My grandmother passed away on my 16th birthday and it was such a hard time I wanted something to honour her/remember her.

    Pain was well...painful but not the worst. It's the healing that was the worst for me, which didn't last long. It's definitely a doable pain.

    Because of location usually only friends and family see it if I wear short shorts or a bathing suit. Most people think it's cool/nice. I invested a lot of $ into it and finding a good artist.

    I do want lots of tattoos, but I want to be able to afford it and tip the artist so I haven't gotten another since. Because when I could afford it I had no ideas. And now I have ideas and no money lol.

    My brother is very tatted up and he sort of sees it as collecting artwork. Tattoos are expressive and fun. He suggests getting something meaningful the first time, and then after that you'll be a lot more comfortable getting things for "fun"
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