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    Thoughts on Beverly and input for middle names

    Hello all! My partner and I want to name our little girl with a B name so we can call her BB (our last name starts with B). We're kinda on the fence about the name Beverly and wanted some opinions along with some potential input for middle names. We're leaning towards finding a strong middle name, something not too frilly. Thanks for reading and helping out! Xx

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    I love Beverly. I am not great at middle names so I would not know where to begin but Beverly is a lovely vintage Choice

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    Beverly is the perfect kind of name to come back in style! I'm not sure your style from one name, so I'll try my best with the middles.

    Some non-frilly middles:
    Beverly June/Jude
    Beverly Maxine/Max
    Beverly Sybil/Sable
    Beverly Rue/Lou
    Beverly Ray
    Beverly Louise
    Beverly Rose (a little more frilly, but I think it's pretty)

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    Beverly is lovely. Though it can be seen as old fashioned, I think it will feel fresh on your little girl. It's the person that really makes their name theirs. 'BB' is a cute nickname. Some other nicknames she may get - Bev, Bevie, Buffy, Beth, Billie and Lee.

    Combos you may like: Beverly Sloane, Beverly Paige, Beverly Jean, Beverly Greer, Beverly Jade, Beverly Maeve, Beverly Piper, Beverly Quinn, Beverly Lane, Beverly Gray, Beverly Margot, Beverly Ada, Beverley Frances, Beverley Maya, Beverly August, Beverly Rain, Beverly Carmen, Beverly Ruth, Beverly Etta, Beverly Luna, Beverly Sage, Beverly Monroe, Beverly Christine, Beverley Rosa, Beverly Eden, Beverly Astrid, Beverly Frida, Beverly Romaine, Beverly Jasmine, Beverly Garnet, Beverly Harriet and Beverly Cara.

    Some other 'B' names you may like: Bridget, Briar, Beatrix, Bethany, Bea, Briony, Bryn, Bailey, Bianca, Belize, Berenice, Bernadette, Bess, Billie, Birdy, Blair, Bonnie, Bronwyn and Bria.


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    Honestly, I do find Beverly extremely dated, and I just can't picture it on a modern child, likely, because I've never come upon a Beverly under the age of 65 (I'm also just not keen on that harsh BEV sound myself). That said, Everly has become quite popular nowadays and there's the 'vintage revival' trend (Beatrice, Iris, Lillian, Pearl etc) that's been popular too, so why not add that B and rejuvenate an oldie in Beverly I suppose.

    Ultimately, though I'm not keen on Beverly myself, it could definitely work.

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