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Thread: Laela?

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    What do you think about the name Laela? It means "night" in arabic. It can also mean " a field of flowers". I don't know why but I just don't like the traditional spellings Laila/Layla.

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    I like the sound of it, but not that spelling. I much prefer Laila or Layla.

    I think someone also could be confused with how it’s pronounced. I know I thought it was pronounced differently when I saw the title before I read your post.

    Again, I really like the name though.

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    Hmm. I have conflicting feelings about this one. I don’t usually like spelling that deviate from the original name, but Laela already has several acceptable spellings, so a little girl with that name would have to spell her name out to people anyways. I think it could work. It’s very cute and sweet!
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    I kind of like the spelling, actually! It might cause a lot of confusion down the line, but I do think it’s pretty. No matter how you spell it though, it’s a lovely name.
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    She would have to spell it out for everyone her whole life, although there are so many kr8tiv spelling variations for Layla that she would probably have to spell it for everyone anyway. From a teachers perspective, it would make me sigh a little, although the pronunciation is still intuitive with this spelling. Between Layla, Leela, Leila, Lila, Alaya and all the other pronunciations and spellings I think correcting people would get very tiresome very quickly.

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