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    Name Sightings (Pet Version)

    I just started a new job where I'm meeting all sorts of pets and learning all of their names. I thought it would be kind of nice to have a thread that's the same as the "name sighting" threads -- but for pets.

    So far, my favorite name has been an adorable Great Pyrenees named Mishka!

    What are some pet names that you've heard?

    amelie margaux, anthea romilly, agnes ostara, aster ottoline, acadia fern, aella nightingale, astraea valkyrie, aurelia eluned


    august boone, ambrose ocean, apollo hawk, aries evander, arlo wren, alastair indigo, atlas wilder, auberon everest

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    My in-laws are a bit obsessed with Jack Russels - between a few different owners, there is currently Topsy, Panda, Pinto, and Hazel. There was also Nutmeg, but she was put to sleep recently (very old). There are also two cats, Kinny and Sundance.

    A friend has cats names Misha and Floki, and a new pup named Chudley. Another friend has a GSD named Thea. Another friend has a choc Lab, named Fudge.

    I feel like most people we know are good at giving their pets fun names lol - I don't know anyone with a dog call George or any such thing haha.

    Names I'd love to use on pets include Memphis, Keida, and Calisto.
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