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  • Sybil Cay

    19 20.43%
  • Tabitha Cay

    28 30.11%
  • Felicity Cay

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    We're having a girl! Favorite of our top 3 and suggestions?

    My husband and I just got back our NIPT results yesterday and it's a healthy girl! We are thrilled as we had both been quietly hoping that would be the case but didn't want to jinx it - I was convinced it was a boy. Girl names are so much easier for us, so now we have a lot to play with!

    The middle name will be Cay, after my husband's late mother. We tend to like names that are familiar yet a little unusual and strike us as more badass or dynamic than beautiful - not that we're against beautiful. Here's our current top three:

    Sybil Cay: We love that sibyls were these powerful ancient women connected to the natural/spiritual world. The name is unusual but familiar and has a long history. It seems strong, though we almost wonder if it's too serious. There are so few nickname possibilities, and my husband loves nicknames.

    Tabitha Cay: Again, seems like a strong name to us that you don't see too often. We like the Biblical figure namesake and the fact that it means "gazelle." Is it too connected to cats?

    Felicity Cay: We love the lightness of the name and its meaning. SO many great nickname possibilities in Lissie, Liss, Flick, etc. Will it sound "of its era" though?

    Other names we like but are lower on our list are Amy, Thisbe, Lila, Mira/Mirabel, Helena, Noelle, Naomi, Claire, Adelaide. Very open to other suggestions that seem similar! Would like to avoid the top 100 or so if possible.
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    I voted for Tabitha Cay as it's my favourite of your three suggestions, but I'm not a huuuge fan of it. Of your other suggestions, I love Thisbe, Mirabelle, Noelle, Naomi, and Claire. Cay is lovely, by the way!

    Ideas for names with nicknames:

    Jubilee Cay "Billie/Libby"
    Synnøve Cay (sin-oh-va) "Nova"
    Calantha Cay "Calla/Callie"
    Athelia Cay "Lia/Thea"
    Ophelia Cay "Lia/Phee"
    Liberty Cay "Libby"
    Thessaly Cay "Thessie/Essie"
    Phoebe Cay "Phee/Bee"
    Annabelle Cay "Anna/Belle"

    Other suggestions:

    Billie Cay
    Sylvie Cay
    Mabli Cay
    Thuza Cay

    What do you think
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    Definitely Felicity. Love the middle name but don’t like the other two first names at all.

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    Sibyl and Felicity are lovely!!

    Sibyl could be Billie, Sibby, Essie, Lil.
    I also like Mirabel!
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    More names!

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    I like Tabitha, but I prefer Mira, Noelle and Adelaide from your other options.
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