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    Harlow - Yay or Nay?

    Current name crush is Harlow. It reminds me of a cross between Willow and Harriet. I don’t mind the Jean Harlow association, I actually like it haha. Here are some middle name ideas I’m tossing around (if you do like the name I’d love to hear input on these):

    Harlow Juniper (last name is Alexander though it may be too rhymey)
    Harlow Grace (my great grandmother’s name but it is SO popular)
    Harlow Wren (I like the sound but not sure about the successive Ws...)
    Harlow Blythe
    Harlow Felicity
    Harlow Esme


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    I like Harlow Juniper and Harlow Grace from your suggestions. However, Harlow Juniper Alexander is too 'er'-heavy. Harlow Grace Alexander would be lovely - who cares if 'Grace' if popular when it's your great-Grandmother's name!
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    Harlow Juniper and Harlow Felicity are great!

    Harlow June, Harlow Adele and Harlow Carys perhaps?
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    Harlow is a nice choice — cool and uncommon, but not crazy. Jean Harlow gives it a shot of glamour despite its androgynous sound.

    I like Harlow Juniper (not so much with your surname though, I agree), Harlow Grace, Harlow Blythe and Harlow Esme.

    Maybe Harlow Elise, Harlow Beatrice or Harlow Estelle?
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    I think Juniper and Grace are both good. Grace may be super common, but it's not bad for a middle name, especially when paired with a less common name like Harlow.

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