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    Thoughts on two names

    Our second little one is due in only 3 weeks, but my husband and I can't decide between two names. We like both and are keeping them secret from our parents at this point as some family members will surely give strong opinions from the peanut gallery. Our families are both very small and family names have already been exhausted in my generation.

    Right now, were torn between:
    Beatrix (no nickname unless one just comes to her over time)
    Elizabeth with nickname Libby (no wiggle room on nicknames, only one we agreed on).

    She'd be the little sister to Eleanor who goes by Ellie.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Definitely Beatrix! Elizabeth and Eleanor are too close for me despite nn Libby. Beatrix and Eleanor are so cute for sisters.

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    Beatrix for me too as Elizabeth and Eleanor are too close me for sister. I slightly perfer Beatrice with Eleanor by the way, I think those names have great symmetry. But Eleanor and Beatrix are great together too!
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    Another vote for Beatrix. Eleanor and Elizabeth are way too close.
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    Beatrix for sure! I do feel like Ellie is a bit more “mainstream” than Beatrix, but the name is too cute and spunky to pass up in my opinion.
    Eleanor and Beatrix is a beautiful sibset!

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