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    What is your number one name?

    Hey everyone!!!

    What is your #1 name right now for a girl and a boy?


    Simon John Steven
    Adelaide Daisy

    (middle names are honor names)

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    My number one name has always been my oldest son's name: Hugo. I love all my kids' names but this one is by far the one name I'm so thankful I got to use, and is also the one that brings me the most joy. My favorite girl's name is Clementine and because husband didn't love it as much as I did we ended up using it as our youngest's middle name. I love calling her Cora Clementine all the time!
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    Lily & Cora
    Hugo & Abel

    It's a BOY!
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    Guinevere Dahlia & Colm David. David is an honor name, & Dahlia is at least the first initial of David to honor my dad as well.
    Fur mommy to Amelia Skye, Artemis Sebastian & Fiona Beatrix

    Favorite girls: Guinevere Azalea, Eleanor Davita, Greta Adeline

    Favorite boys: Colm Phineas, Julian Albert, Ewan David

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    My number one boy name is Grayson Wilder. I have no idea why I love Grayson so much because to me it doesn’t really seem my style. I thought Grayson wasn’t as unique as I like so I wanted to add a more uncommon middle and I thought Wilder fit perfectly in my nature middle name obsession.

    My favorite girl name right now is Scotland Primrose. Scotland is an honor name for my mom and has been a big part of my life. Primrose I think is just beautiful and again fits my nature obsession.
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    Primrose ❉ Charlotte ❈ Kaeden ❉ Arya ❈ Astrid ❉ Scotland ❈ Indigo ❉ Emerson ❈ Persephone

    Grayson Wilder ❖ Silas Gray ❖ Everest Quill ❖ Odin Tobias ❖ Charlotte Oleander ❖ Kaeden LouiseAdelaide River ❖ Scotland Primrose ❖ Judah Evergreen ❖ Keegan Hawthorne ❖Joshua Arlington

    honor names

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    Violet Sybil, Lydia Georgiana, Katherine Isobel,
    Rose Marguerite, Adelaide Philippa
    Lincoln Alistair, Andrew Clarence, Charles Edmund,
    Thomas Leopold, George Archibald

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