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    May 2014
    Samantha Grace 'Sam'

    A cheeky young boy, with short red hair, pale blue eyes and a handful of freckles.
    He lives in white t-shirts and grass stained jeans, running all through the fields of his family farm.

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    Apr 2012
    Liam Rhys

    A girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She loves nature, and often goes on long hikes through the woods where she lives.

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    Apr 2017
    Laurel Grace

    A chubby cheeked little girl with grey eyes and short black hair, a quick temper and an interest in judo

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    Apr 2010
    Nyssa Fae

    A little boy with red, curly hair (always in dreadlocks because he hates getting it brushed), blue eyes and pale skin whose favourite things are anything with wheels, particularly fire engines and diggers. He loves being outside, and would stay out there forever if he could. Isn't much a fan of water and getting wet but loves going out fishing on Dad's boat with him.

    Puppy-Mama to my boys, Wynn & Cove

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    Owen Finn

    Teenage boy with blonde hair and brown eyes, though he often dies his hair fun colors. He loves chemistry and singing in choir. He plays the piano and guitar as well. He also participates in the schools Science Olympiad and is on the Lacrosse team.

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