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    May 2018
    Allison Margot

    A young girl with long, dark hair that has a playful bounce at the end. She is in love with nature. She loves being outside & dancing underneath the stars, climbing big trees, listening to the rain hit her window and can't sit still on trips to the beach. She is sweet, but daring, and could capture the heart of anyone she meets.
    Giuliana Noelle, Avery Jade (AJ), Kalani Rae,
    Arabella Kaori, Savannah Lynn, Cielle Victoria,
    Emilia Adelaide

    Harrison River, Lukas Jordan "Kas", Chandler Noah,
    Jasper Felix "Jax", Kai Alexander, Hudson Thomas,
    Lennox Joel "Knox", Paxton Brooks

    Koa (m), Hayden, Grayson, Julian, Oliver, Kieran, Dane,
    Callux ("Cal"), Naomi, Angelina, Annika, Penelope ("Nellie"),
    Capri, Ariana, Linnea, Kiyara, Carys, Isla

    Italicized = honor names

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    Reagan Olivia

    A wild five year old boy with curly bright red hair, covered in freckles and eyes like hot chocolate. He loves to make people laugh, has a knack for getting in trouble, and is really into Star Wars.

    Caspian Michael Arrow
    Roland Arthur Quill
    Phillip Noah Stone
    Frederick Wesley Quest
    Sullivan James Wilder

    Bridget Marie Story
    Cordelia Renee Poem
    Avalon Eloise Maple
    Mabel Anne Clover

    first middles are family names
    nicknames at the bottom

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    Kieran Poe

    A little girl with hazel eyes and wild hair. she’s half white and half Mexican. She loves walking on rocky trails at sunset. She loves learning about Mexican history, particularly about the Aztec.
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    Luciana Jade nn Luci

    A girl with dirty blonde hair & big, sincere, green eyes. She's a tomboy who's extra tough & can keep up with boys twice her age. She's learning the violin & loves to sing.
    John 3:16

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    Piper Delphine

    A little girl with dark curls and big green eyes and a smile that says she knows more than she'll say. Clever, an old soul, with a penchant for mischief and a love of nature, who likes nothing more than stories about adventures.

    Adelaide Primrose | Lyra Josephine | Guinevere Alice | Daphne Grace | Clementine Eliza | Winifred Iris | Theodora Felicity | Juniper Elodie | Nell Beatrice | Luna Margaret | Flora Delphine | Aurelia Skye | Phoebe Eleanor | Maeve Emmeline | Rosamund Eve | Ophelia Scout | Ffion Penelope | Gwendoline Faye | Cordelia Brynn

    Arthur Bellamy | Sebastian Felix | Leland Brooks | Dashiell Fox | Hugo Edmund | Jasper Gideon | Alastair Noah | Bodhi Finn | Julian Ezra

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    Hattie Fern

    a 13 year old boy with shoulder length hair, dyed black, and brown eyes. He loves listening to heavy metal and is learning how to play the drums, much to his parents chagrin. He is an average student, who participates in the school band and is learning how to run the lights for the drama club.

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    Jaxon Theodore

    A little girl that plays on the beach, trying to fly a kite with her older sister. Both girls have light brown hair and are thin boned, with sharp faces, but are quite stunning in a unique way. They're dressed in pretty dresses that they seem not to care about, and the little one has spilled mustard from her hot dog on it.

    Eliza, Adeline, Felicity, Flora, Sophie, Beatrice, Rosalie, Harriet
    Charlie, Henry, Edwin, Felix, Lachlan, Leo, Wyatt,

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    How to send large video files over the internet

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    eldest: Kate Lilith
    youngest: Fern Artemis

    A girl with short, dark hair that she wears up in a ponytail. She wears old, large clothing and boots, and always has a black phone cord hair tie around her left wrists. She is very thin and pale, and spends a lot of time inside, reading and sipping lemon tea. She enjoys cello music, as well as the occasional violin.

    Phoebe Aurelia Joy, Viola Beatrix Wren,
    Kate Ione Lark, Apolline Bravery Bryn

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    Billie Tate

    A young girl with blonde curls and green eyes. She loves to read and can often be found sitting in the bay window curled up in the sun with a book and her cat. She is a definite girly girl, with pink everywhere and an obsession with unicorns that rivals none. But this doesn't mean that she is afraid to get dirty, in fact she loves spending with her dad working in the garage on his cars.
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    Edelweiss | Mercy | Ilona | Minnie | Pippin | Sacha | Clifford | Boone

    *Italics = Honor Name

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