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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs_darling View Post
    Alexander Philip Charles

    I think Meghan and Harry will be drawn to the meaning of Alexander, and I don't believe the name is currently is use in the extended royal family. Philip and Charles for obvious reasons. Though it should be noted that Charles is also one of Harry's middle names and is the name of Diana's brother.

    I'm secretly hoping they don't use Theodore, but I think there is a chance they'll choose it as a nod to Meghan's mother.
    How come you don't want them to use Theodore? I see that it's in your signature, so you must like it.

    I think they might do Alexander, but it is one of Prince George's middle names, so I'm not sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rosecoloredlady View Post
    How come you don't want them to use Theodore?.

    I love the name Theodore. However, the royal family tend to set trends and Theodore is already popular and rising. Since there is a good chance I may use the name within the next year, I'd prefer that it not explode in use. It's a particular concern for me as my child will already be burdened with an exceedingly common surname.
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    I'm really hoping for Alexander!
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    This is completely my opinion, but on regular ol' folks like you and I, I love names like Arthur, George, James, Edward. They seem traditional and classic of course. Fresh even, with all the kre8tive names going on now a days. On members of the BRF, they just sound....tired, dusty, old and lacking originality.

    So I'm hoping they steer clear of the ultra traditional/royal names for a first name and find a happy medium between that and a "modern" baby name. They've done their fair share of "bucking" tradition and making it clear that they're doing things their way, in their own time. It would be incredible for them to solidify that with a name bridging the gap between the stuffy formality (if you will) of Harry's family and the laid back, California breeze of Meghan.

    So, long story short: I know it's a popular pick, but this has been my guess since November! I'm sticking with Theodore. I'm sure Spencer, Charles, Philip and/or Dorian will make an appearance in the middle name slots.

    (And just for shock value picks, I'd be ecstatic to see Gabriel, Winston, or Jameson!)

    Edited to add: My OFFICIAL guess is Theodore Philip Spencer.
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    My guess is Spencer Dorian Henderson. Honors both Harry and Meghan’s mothers, while Henderson is for Harry since it means Henry’s son.
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    So far, it seems that the most popular first names are Theodore and Alexander, and the most popular middle names are Spencer and Philip. I'm surprised at how much agreement there is.
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    I wish something like Alexander Dorian Francis or Alexander Dorian Spencer, althought Dorian Alexander ____ is a lovely combo.
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    My guess would be Theodore Spencer Charles, or Frederick Spencer Charles, though I’d love to see Spencer up front.
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