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    Hello everyone! I've been away from NB since my youngest was born but am now back on board as we are expecting our 4th little one. The due date is January 15th 2020, putting me at 13 weeks. We live in Canada but were visiting my family for 4th of July and decided there was no better opportunity to announce it to them, we are all very excited.

    I have been feeling some nausea and heartburn, but I haven't been truly sick since June, which is a wonderful thing. My hair has been falling off though and it's gotten me worried because it didn't happen much in my other pregnancies. Another thing that's been worrying me a lot is welcoming a Canadian winter baby and the danger with all of that ice. I've been losing sleep over it, even though friends, co-workers and husband have been guaranteeing me that everything will be all right.
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    @stcrgazjn and @apriltulips congrats and welcome!

    @kbee thank you! And hang in there! The waiting can be so excruciating :/
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    Hello everyone! Baby #1 due January 23, 2020 Sneak Peek test says it's a boy!

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    I'm a little behind, so here's for catching up...

    @meyera4: I don't know if I'll get an ultrasound or not :/ the nurse really only mentioned blood work. If I don't get one, I may talk to the doctor about scheduling one. We didn't get to hear the heartbeat last time and it's hard not to worry. That's so sweet that everyone is more or less on the same page as far as what they want the baby to be! Either way, it'll be exciting to find out!

    @raptreverie: Wow, that sounds like a rough experience you shouldn't have to deal with that... I'm glad you at least got to see baby though.

    @stcrgazjn: congratulations!!

    @kbee: I've never heard of the term no-result? Huh...regardless, I really hope you get clear results back in a few days!! I know what you mean... I was telling DH that a hard thing about pregnancy is that you just have to walk around assuming everything is okay. I mean, you can't just look into your womb and see that the baby is growing normally or that everything is alright. You have to wait for a scan to tell you.

    @apriltulips: Welcome!

    @awkwardinpink: Welcome! congratulations!!

    Doing alright over here! I'll be 10 weeks tomorrow, which is just crazy to me. I feel like this entire pregnancy will fly by. We're still not comfortable with telling family yet, but are still trying to figure out how to tell them. Honestly, most of them suck. They'll probably just get a text. We also aren't sure if we'll just announce the pregnancy and gender at the same time, or if we'll space them out a bit.
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    First off congrats to all of you expectant ladies!!

    I am jumping on to join this group. I am pregnant with #3 due right around March 14, 2020. So that only puts me at 5 weeks tomorrow. My first appt is scheduled for July 25th for a dating scan and first prenatal appt. I have long cycles which is why my scan is so early. I will be only 6w5d at my first appt. I am feeling a little more anxious this time around because I know this will be our last baby.

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