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    @medfordkung: Hey!! Welcome back! I'd been wondering how you were doing! Can't believe your little one is already so big! I definitely wish you all the best with an adoption or with TTC!

    @kbee: Thank you!! It can be so hard to settle on names, for sure!

    @meyera: I'm so, so sorry </3 my heart is breaking for you guys. Praying for comfort and healing. Take care of yourself <3

    @lemondrops: Welcome! Yikes, that nausea sounds terrible I hope it clears up for you very soon!

    Small update here: I had my OB intake appointment today. It went pretty well. They did a urine sample, then a medical history session. They took their normal blood work plus a couple of vials for the genetic testing. We should get baby's results back in about 7 days and mine in 14, though they won't call me about mine unless I turn out to be a carrier for something.

    They also adjusted my due date to February 10th, which is just 2 days behind what my app was saying, so that seems accurate. I was hoping to get to see the baby but the nurse told me they'll only do another at 18 weeks (the anatomy scan). It's hard not to wonder if all is alright with the baby or not... but we'll cross each bridge when we come to it. Anyhow, I will see the doctor for the first time when I'm 13 weeks.
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