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    @namergirl3- I am so sorry that you are struggling right now. I have never personally struggled with this but I do know that quite a few people do and pregnancy can make them worse. Especially if you were taking medication prior to becoming pregnant. Please talk to your doctor about this. When is your next appt? If it isn't for awhile I would make a call and maybe get seen earlier to get this addressed. I think there are some medications that are safe during pregnancy or they might be able to offer some advice as to what to do to lessen symptoms. Do you have a good support system? It is so important to talk about how you are feeling. Please take care of yourself and don't be afraid to reach out when you are feeling extra anxious.
    I will be 10 weeks tomorrow. At one point it feels like it has been way longer but another can't believe that I am already 10 weeks. I am eager for my next appt which isn't until Sept 4th. But after that appt and if all is well we are planning to announce. I ready to have it announced and in the open because it is getting harder to hide my belly. Seeing as this is my third pregnancy I am showing already. Plus I hate keeping secrets. We have told our families and a few close friends we have a couple other people to tell yet and then the rest will find out with the social media announcement. I also need to tell my boss which I am kind of dreading. I know it will be fine but I always get so worked up before having to announce to my work. My husband says why don't we just announce already...but honestly I want to hear that heartbeat again. I haven't heard it in about a month and I need to hear it again to feel comfortable announcing.

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    @Alyssa I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I have Bipolar Disorder and some medications are safe to take during pregnancy. With my first, I went off the medication prior to becoming pregnant and stayed off it until halfway through my second pregnancy when my OB actually recommended I take something. With my third baby, even on medication, I really struggled. So much of anxiety and depression is chemical and your hormones really mess with that. Plus you feel you should be happy and excited but feeling down or agitated doesn't mean you aren't. And in your situation, with money and your job, things have been extra stressful on top of everything else. You worry about being a good mother, you worry about how your life will change, you worry. It can be a very lonely place. Please know that you aren't alone with this and if you can reach out to your husband or friends, support is always good. Let your doctor know as soon as possible. Or you can always send me a PM should you want to talk anonymously. It's something to get started on as soon as you can though, because post-partum has always been what I dealt with in pregnancy amped up a bit for those first few weeks. Lack of sleep, hormones, a screaming baby just magnify everything you're already feeling. So see what your doctor says regarding medication or therapy or whatever route you choose sooner rather than later. But know you are definitely not alone and especially if there is a history there, it tends to come up during pregnancy. Best wishes.
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