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    We finally decided!

    Our son was born 19 days early on the 20th of April, and he is absolutely perfect. My wife and I were really indecisive about his name, and even after he was born we weren't sure, but after some last minute advice here, we've finally settled on Maximilian 'Maxim' Peter.

    Maximilian has been my very favourite boys name forever, and though my wife didn't like it much at first, she did come round, and she loves the nickname Maxim. I was worried it was going to be too much for him at first, but he's already growning into it. Peter was the suggestions of his big brothers Leo and Jack, after Spiderman and Peter Pan, and it ended up suiting him really well.

    Thanks to all of you that gave us your opinions and suggestions, we'd probably still be completely unsure now if it weren't for you!

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    I have a Maximilian who goes by Max and Maxim myself! A beautiful choice of name, congratulations!

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    Congratulations!! Maximilian 'Maxim' Peter is brilliant and I'm gla you went with it!!
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    Congratulations! I love that you used Maximilian instead of Max and used an unusual nickname, Maxim. It is starting to grow on me. Peter is a lovely classic and I too love the connection to Peter Pan and to 'never grow up'.

    Welcome to the world Maxim!

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    I LOVE his name! Congratulations!
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