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Thread: Site Changes

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    Angry Site Changes

    Any one else finding the main page of the site harder and harder to navigate? It used to be recent articles, recent celeb birth announcements, and recent forum posts were all up top, easy to find and check at a glance. Now I have to scroll all over the main page to find what I'm looking for. Anyone else notice this?
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    Yes and so many ads!
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    Hey, sorry to hear you're so frustrated. I'm going to move this post to the About Nameberry Forum to see if someone else can give you some more information.
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    I agree with this too!

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    I've been feeling the same way about the first page - I miss the blog posts on top!
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    I haven't noticed the front page navigation, but the ads are horrendous. On mobile, I continuously have the same Amazon Prime TV ad come up and take over my entire phone screen. I can't close it half the time and the other half I just close the tab and give up trying because I know it'll just annoy me to no end trying to unsuccessfully close it out.
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    I really don't like the new front page. Its unnecessary confusing.

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    is it just me or did the nsrn bar go away too? I already knew it wasn't on mobile but its not on my computer now either
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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerlexi View Post
    is it just me or did the nsrn bar go away too? I already knew it wasn't on mobile but its not on my computer now either
    I believe this feature was removed towards the end of 2018, I only use my computer so I can't speak for the mobile version.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leafsgirl44 View Post
    I haven't noticed the front page navigation, but the ads are horrendous.
    ^Yeh this. On the cellphone there're ads that take up most of the screen and often have a delay in when they pop up to trick you into accidentally clicking on them. I mean, I get that the site needs to make money, but they're starting to make the site unusable.
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