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    Sir Shepherd and Lady Cornelia

    If I had a little girl today, her name would be Cornelia Galilee. Cornelia is a name that I’ve loved ever since reading the Anne of Green Gables books as a girl. I remember reading Cornelia in one of the latter books, and just being in awe, thinking that it had to be the most beautiful name in the world. It’s different but not overly so, with a plethora of nicknames, but not too much of a mouthful that I couldn’t just call her Cornelia. Galilee as a middle name is one that I chose after being reminded of the story of the women of Galilee in the Bible, who are often forgotten in light of the Biblical men.

    I write all of this to say that I wish I had a boy name I was as sure of as Cornelia. Shepherd has been my favorite boy’s name for ages. No matter how my taste has swayed, from word names to vintage darlings to a compromise in-between name, Shepherd has always been steady in my heart. It has literary significance as the surname of Winnie the Pooh’s illustrator, and would serve as a reminder for my son that he is a leader and a shepherd, rather than a part of the flock. He is his own guide.

    The issue with Shepherd, and the other names on my boy list (Hawthorne, Atticus, Boone, etc.), is that it’s gaining solidly in popularity. I can make my peace with names that I love like Henry, which have always been well used, but I just can’t stand the idea that my little Shepherd could someday be one of many, if I give him the name in the hope that he doesn’t cross many other Shepherds. Cornelia is one that I can’t see rising too much in popularity, even if Cordelia does.

    Do you think I should keep Shepherd as my top name? What are some alternatives or other names that remind you of Shepherd, but of which aren’t used much?

    My name criteria in general looks like this:
    1. Not terribly popular, or (if it must be) sort of popular but in a classic way, like Thomas or Hazel.
    2. Has ties to literature, history, science, or has a good meaning. For example: Connelly, which means love and friendship.
    3. Has a bit of Southern flair, either on its own or paired with a middle name.
    4. Bonus points if it has Christian significance, like Galilee or Shepherd.

    However, these aren’t set in stone for a name on my list, so please don’t feel bound to one type of name.

    Thank you very much, if you got to the end of this spiel.
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    I adore Shepherd! If it's been your favorite for years and holds all that meaning for you I don't think I can suggest anything that can take it's place in your heart.
    My oldest son is Lennon and when we first discovered the name it was pretty much unheard of and by time we got to use it in 2015 it had gained popularity quickly. It's popularity did bother me, not because it was actually popular but because it shot up so quickly after being relatively unheard of. Theodore, for example, was much more popular, but it didn't bug me because it was a classic. We went with Lennon as popularity didn't take away our reasons for choosing it and I firmly believe a name that is meaningful is the best gift you can give a child. I have no regrets. Like Lennon, Shepherd is never going to be top 10 popular. He is not going to meet a Shepherd everytime he goes to a playground... He may meet one rarely but I would guess it's be rare enough that he'd actually be happy to meet someone with the same name, not be annoyed by the frequency he is forced to share his name.
    Because you asked for other ideas, here's my best shot:
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    Hmm... Tough one because Shepherd is so charming, has an excellent, thoughtful meaning behind it and ticks all the boxes - except for the rising popularity Tbh, I'd keep it for now,and monitor how it rises. It might fall out of favour again?

    Some that remind me of Shepherd

    I'm not sure they really top Shepherd though
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    I love Shepherd too, especially the warm and friendly nickname Shep. I wouldn’t cross it off your list based on popularity, because I really can’t see it climbing to anywhere near the point of ubiquity. The fact that you’ve loved it for years, and through several style overhauls, speaks volumes to me.

    However, here are a few suggestions which feel similar in style and tick at least some of your boxes:

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