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    Skyler Daenerys?

    Do you think Skyler with the middle name Daenerys is okay, or too much? Daenerys would be after the Game of Thrones character on purpose. She's my favourite character and I think the combo sounds super pretty but wanted to get thoughts. Thanks!

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    I think Daenerys is too much. I myself love GoT and Daenerys is a badass, amazing character, but I'm not a fan of using her name for an actual child, whether first or middle, for multiple reasons:

    - The show and the books are known for being very sexual and I, for one, wouldn't want part of my child's name to be instantly associated with sex by a lot of people (and in the books in particular, she's thirteen when she marries Khal Drogo.......child marriage is not a good association)
    - The incest association
    - There will inevitably be people who have absolutely no idea what Game of Thrones is/who the characters are and are probably going to think you just picked a weird sounding, weird looking name
    - What if your kid dislikes or dislikes being associated with Game of Thrones? It isn't like naming your kid after a character with an established name, so there is absolutely no escaping the "wow, your parents named you after Game of Thrones"

    Overall, I feel like there are some GoT names that are okay to use because they're more subtly from GoT. Maybe they're already trendy (Arya), they're already a classic (Jon), or they just don't look kinda like a keyboard smash. I understand that Daenerys is pretty great, but I feel like using her name as part of your child's name is ill-advised. (Sorry.)

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    I know nothing about Game of Thrones, but as a name the combo flws well and sounds interesting
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    Skyler Daenerys flows well and sounds quite nice as a combo, however, the association is indeed a strong one...

    I do not watch Game of Thrones (too graphic and violent for my liking), but am highly aware of the character due to trends in the media and such. I must admit, Daenerys has a great, strong, whimsical sound to it (so does Khaleesi, admittedly), but as a name created specifically for the series, and being such a prominent character in pop culture at this time, the name Daenerys may well feel very trendy, very fast (especially with this new season being the last and the whole fanfare, soon enough, fading out). That said, as your intention is to use it as a middle name, and it wouldn't come up for her too much, perhaps it's not so bad.

    Alternatively, how would you feel about perhaps using just part of Daenerys' name, lessening the chance of it feeling so trendy (so obviously tied to the series and this time in history), yet still keeping your personal association with your beloved character -- Nerys? Nerys is of Welsh usage, and though true etymology of the name is uncertain, may stem from ner meaning "man, lord, chief; strong, courageous", while adding the popular, usually feminine Welsh suffix -ys with intention to mean "lady". This meaning attains to the character you wish to honor, and Welsh names typically have that same ethereal, whimsical yet strong sound to them that Daenerys has. If you liked the D-, you could potentially use a D- name as first and Nerys in the middle to create her own name (Delilah Nerys), not so tired to the series, yet still very obvious to you. Just an idea.

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    I agree with the first poster.

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