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    Opinions on this sibset?

    Elena Patrizia
    Antonia Caterina
    Santino José
    Teodoro Oscar

    My husband is Spanish and I’m Italian, so we chose latinized versions of family names Elaine, Patricia, Anthony, and Catherine. José and Oscar are also family names, and Santino and Teodoro have special significance to us. We intend to have two kids, so we picked one potential boy and girl name for each.

    Thoughts? TIA!

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    It's a great set! They got well but are distinctive!
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    Switching it up...
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    More names!

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    It's lovely! I really like them and their romantic, latino vibe.
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    I love it, they're all lovely names and they go very well together.
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    I love all of the names, my only qualm is that I don’t like the o at the end of Teodoro right next to the O starting Oscar, visually, the sound isn’t too bad because it’s Teodor-oh Ah-scar, but I still prefer Oscar Teodoro, personally. That’s nit picky and probably just personal preference though, all in all, fantastic sib set! I especially love the girls names.
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