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    Post A Name for my Character 42

    I've created a character; it's for my cartoon and I need your help to think of a name that has a good fit to it.

    Description: The character is a young twelve year old girl, she has brown chin-length bob haircut, she has pale ivory skin and wear flower earrings, she is slender. She wears a purple shirt and blue jean dress.

    It takes place in modern-day America in the 2010s.

    She is a young twelve year old girl who lives in a nice middle-class neighborhood in the suburbs, her mother is a computer programmer and her father is a builder, she also has two siblings: a sister who is one year older than her and a younger brother. She is nice, normal, kind, perky and bright, witty, friendly, funny, compassionate, creative, active, down-to-earth but can also be very arrogant, selfish and sometimes impatient at times but still a good person. She goes to Junior High School and is in the 7th grade, where her favorite subjects are literature, math and music, she's also is in the school's choir where she has a good singing voice and also likes to be in plays for the school. Her best friend is a tall girl named Morgan (Name for my Character), who has a good friendship with her and likes to hang out with, she's also friends with a girl named Alina, who likes to paint and draw. She likes to go to the mall, hanging out with Morgan, playing tennis, riding her bike and listening to music.

    The names that i'm considering:

    Warning: Don't steal or plagiarize any of my characters.

    I would like her name to be really nice, modern and normal to suit her very well. if you had already thought of a name, hit the reply button and have a nice day!

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    Piper seems like it would fit really well!
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    My vote is on Piper as well!! It goes well with Morgan and Alina. Piper is also, imo, a popular name while still having the quirkiness of being "weird" if that makes any sense.

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