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    Changing a name at 3 yrs

    Yes I know this sounds crazy but we want to change or sons name. We called him Benjamin and he knows himself as benji, but both my partner and I can’t bring ourselves to call him anything. We just call him darling.
    We first flagged our name regret after 4 months and we’re talked into keeping it by our elders ( mainly the in laws)
    To save ourselves shame and upsetting people we left his name as is but find we both have knots in our stomach when hearing others say his name
    It’s just so removed from anything I would have ever considered. So depressed

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    I’m scared because I don’t want horrible family members to make fun of him or to confuse or hurt him in anyway

    But imagine having a beautiful grown son and you still regret saying his name

    It’s not even a bad name it’s just not our name for him if you know what I mean

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    I think it will be difficult to change a 3 year olds name. My two year old already knows his name and will tell you his name is Sam. But if you guys really have this much regret over his name, maybe change his first name to something you and your partner like better and move Benjamin or Benji to his middle name. You could start out calling him New Name Benji and then eventually drop Benji when you call him. What is his current middle name? Do you like that name better?
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    Obviously the situation isnt ideal but at the end of the day the longer you put it off the less likely you are to change it which isn't good for either of you. Many children who are adopted at older ages have their names changed and i haven't heard of a child not adapting to their new name. I think if you make sure to transition to his new name in the right ways e.g explaining whats happening, make sure he's not made to feel like its anything to do with him, slow transition like using it as a nickname with his current name e.g benji "insert new name" etc. As for family make sure you are firm with them and make sure they understand that they must not make negative comments regarding the name in front of your son and make sure they use his new name. Lastly please don't beat yourself up over this, things don't always work out how think they will.

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