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    My sister is four years younger than me and we shared a bedroom until my family moved in 2018 when we were 23 and 19 (granted from the time I was 20 onwards, one of us was always away at school, and for a year I had moved in with a now-ex S/O, and when I moved home, my sister was gone to college).

    My family just didn't have the money to move into a larger home so we got used to sharing. We had a curtain/partition set up so we had privacy and we got along just fine. Now we have moved and each have our own bedrooms, which is nice, but we certainly weren't damaged or anything because we had to share.

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    I've had my own room my entire life but most anti-bedroom sharing feels ... incredibly Victorian to me. Strange to make a moral issue out of something so ordinary.

    Kids all across the world and for most of human history have shared bedrooms, or heck, even beds. I assume there is plenty of argument that it's healthier for development and attachment to be physically closer and more often.Of course everyone needs alone time to various degrees, but if the only place a kid has a sense of privacy is their own room that's a little sad to be honest.

    And regarding gender. Yawn.... I don't really want to go into that but do you really think it's ideal to teach 5 year old girls/boys they're so remarkably different from each other that they must be separated?
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    I'm an only child but I remember being envious of friends when I went to their houses as a child who shared a room with their siblings. I think room sharing can both strengthen and loosen sibling bonds, but all in all when they're younger I think it's a great thing - and saves money on additional beds and furniture too! However, when they're older - getting into the teens - and need their own space to grow and develop as individuals, I'd probably start separating siblings if they wanted to and I had the capacity for them to have their own rooms. But the ultimate decision, as with everything, would be up to my future children.
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