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    WDYT About Bedroom Sharing?

    Would you ever have your kids share a bedroom? Or, if you already have kids, do they share?

    Personally (provided I can afford it) I wouldn't as I think every child needs somewhere private they can go to be alone, but I also know that it can give siblings a bond that they wouldn't otherwise have. I would also never have boys and girls share above age 5, but I've heard of some people doing it until around 12/13. What do you plan to do, or do already?
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    I think it really depends on a lot of factors, including each child's individual needs. Whilst I think most people would give their kids a room each if they could afford it, there's plenty of people who can't, and I've actually known a few people who's kids prefer to share a room, at least when they were young.

    The guidelines here are that for council tenants (people who live in government owned property) different sex children are entitled to their own rooms once they're 8, but same-sex kids are expected to share until they move out. But for me personally, I'd rather have different sex siblings that are 8 and 10 share a room than same sex siblings aged 8 and 15, for example.

    For what it's worth, most people I know shared a room with a same sex sibling until they were teenagers or even right through to adulthood. My mum and her sister shared a room until they were 18 and 21, and neither of them were bothered by it.
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    I would have hated to share a room with my sister, we get on really well and sometimes when there were house guests we'd share, but that was always a 'fun treat' rather than us actually having to share space all the time. We'd probably have had some massive fall outs if we'd had to share.

    I would much rather give all my children separate space. I don't know what I would do regarding different sexes and sharing.
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    I really want to avoid having my kids share a room. The only time I’ve ever shared a room with my siblings was about 4 months when we lived in an apartment while we waited for our house to finish being built. I was 5 at the time and my sister was almost 2. Other than that, I’ve spent a couple nights in the same room as one or both of my sisters when we’re on vacation but that’s it.

    I share a room now as a sophomore in college and I hate it. I love my roommate to death, and she’s one of my best friends. We get along well, never fight, rarely disagree, but I’ve realized over the last year that I need my own space. It’s gotten to the point where I plan my day around when she has class because that’s when I know I’ll be able to get the most work done. I’m looking forward to when I can go home and have my own room again.
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    I shared a room with both my younger brother and younger sister until I was 13... but there wasn't much choice in the matter. We finally moved to a house and I got my own room while my siblings still shared a room til my brother turned 13 and moved to the basement. I have mixed feelings about it. It seemed so normal for us. I wouldn't mind having my own kids (of the same gender) share a room until a certain age or until another option becomes available!

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    Finances mean that my children will be sharing, at least for the foreseeable future. I’d like to give them each their own space by the time they’re teenagers, but we’ll see if that’s possible. My big two (3.5 and nearly 2) share currently and absolutely love it, but I’m aware that’s not likely to last!

    I shared with my younger brother until the age of about 10 and it was fine. We’ve never been the sort of family who spend a lot of time in bedrooms — just to sleep, really, so space never felt like a big issue. If I wanted my own space, I could find it elsewhere in the house or garden. We did make lots of dens!
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    I think it would be quite nice for similar-aged siblings to share a room, until they were about 7 or so. Then you could have a room for sleeping, and a separate room for playing. Once they are older I understand that they would likely want their own space, especially if they are opposite genders.
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    For what it's worth, I am in my late teens and I share a room with my sister when we are both at home, and always have. It has always been a great experience - as well as confiding in each other and supporting each other, we have created whole worlds while we were supposed to be asleep!

    There have been occasional minor disagreements about one wanting the lights on when the other wants to sleep and that kind of thing, but we have certainly never "fallen out" over sharing a room. I have never lacked a private space; if I needed to be alone, I could always go in the garden or elsewhere in the house, like @katinka.

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    I grew up sharing a room with my younger sister. We argued like crazy, but we were also so close growing up. The arguments were mostly over bedroom space and bedtimes, that was it. I got my own room when my older sister moved out when I was 16, and have had my own room since (my younger sister doesn't live with me anymore though). We couldn't afford to have a four bedroom property, and so it was my older sister in a room by herself (3 years older than me) and my younger sister and I in a room (she's 2 years younger than me).

    My younger sister and I would stay up late talking, watch films together, generally have fun. But due to the age gap (which isn't even big, but when it's an 11 year old and a 13 year old, it feels like a huge gap) we argued like mad over bedtimes as they were usually at the same time (which I hated), but obviously that didn't become an issue when we got past our tween years.

    I never knew any different growing up, and I liked the sense of security it gave me sleeping in a bedroom with someone else. I was never alone, which was usually a good thing but when I did want space I had to go and find it elsewhere, which got irritating real quick.

    For my own kids, I'm not bothered. I'd like them to have their own nursery, but if money doesn't allow me to give them their own rooms, then the girls will share and the boys will share. I think this varies depending on whether or not you grew up sharing a room, well it seems to be so going off this thread!

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    I think that if you can say "my children will never share a room" you are very privileged and should be grateful. There is of course no problem with children sharing bedrooms.

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