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  • Eva May

    17 29.31%
  • Eve Elizabeth

    20 34.48%
  • Ashlyn Eve

    3 5.17%
  • Ashlynn Eve

    2 3.45%
  • Leila May

    14 24.14%
  • Lilia May

    10 17.24%
  • Lilya May

    1 1.72%
  • Elara May

    12 20.69%
  • Naomi Elizabeth

    23 39.66%
  • Natalia Eve

    19 32.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Under-used but still familiar baby girl names

    Which one do you like? I know Evie/Evelyn are popular but I feel like Eva/Eve on their own are a bit less common.

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    Eva is one of my favorite names in the whole universe, so I’m obviously team Eva! It is familiar but I do know more Evelyns (and even more Eves!) than just Eva. That being said, it is in the top 100, if that bothers you.

    I would suggest Eva Elizabeth though? Eva May is sweet and beautiful, but very short, too! I like the contrast of Eva and Elizabeth.

    I also like Lilia May a lot, and I think Eve Natalia would be super pretty as well!

    Good luck!
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    I really like Naomi Elizabeth and Leila/Laila/Layla May!
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    I love Naomi but I have an aunt with that name so it's off the table for of course I vote for that! I also really love the combo of Leila May.
    Maybe its regional, but I know multiple Layla/Leila/Lailas. It's definitely a good name though!
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    Eva is popular but Eve is gorgeous. I like Lilia May or Elara May best of you want underused. Ashlynn is my least favorite

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