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    Post Help me come up names for my character!

    I've created this character, it's for my cartoon that I'm making, I need your help to think of a name and surname for the character and I want it to have a really good fit to it.

    Description: The character is a young twelve year old boy, he has blonde hair with blue eyes, he has rose beige skin. He is overweight but in pretty good shape. He wears a orange tank top with light brown shorts and wears sandals.

    It takes place in modern-day America in the 2010s.

    He is a young Canadian-American boy who lives in the suburbs in a nice neighborhood, his mother is a school teacher and his father works at a office building, he also has three sisters and two brothers. He goes to Junior High School and is in the 7th grade, he is a good student who is well-liked by his teachers and students is because of his likable personality and charm, his most favorite classes are Music, Art and PE, he is actively involved in the school's activities like he's on the music choir, acting in the school plays and playing soccer for the soccer team. He has a friend named Xavier, whom he has a good friendship with, and a girl named Chiara who he has a crush on. He is active, nice, kind, optimistic, energetic, normal, friendly, polite, loyal, creative, fun-loving, intelligent, cheerful, funny, clever, brave, comical and mischievous, he can be naive and overbearing at times. His hobbies are hanging out with friends, watching movies, playing with his yo-yo, playing soccer, riding his bike and having fun.

    The names that i'm considering:

    Warning: Don't steal or plagiarize any of my characters.

    I would like his name and surname to be nice, modern to be a good fit for him, if you had already thought of a name, hit the reply button and have a nice day!

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