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Thread: Getting closer!

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    Getting closer!

    We have had such a tricky time narrowing down girl names! Her sibling is Charlotte Zoë and last name is extremely Finnish/Scandinavian.

    I think we have it down to:

    Esther Ivy

    Saija Meadow

    Audrey Claire

    Georgia Claire

    Opinions?! Thank you!!

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    Audrey is a gorgeous sister name for Charlotte! Audrey Claire is wonderful. Esther Ivy would be my second choice.
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    I love Audrey Claire and Esther Ivy!!!
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    I agree with the above, Audrey is great as a sister for Charlotte! And Audrey Claire is lovely. My second pick would be Georgia Claire, and Esther Ivy is 3rd for me. All of your names are excellent and you really can't go wrong though.
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    Charlotte Zoë is such a beautiful name, and congrats! My two favorites are Audrey Claire and Georgia Claire. Claire is a wonderful, tailored classic, just like Zoe, and Audrey and Charlotte are both so refined and beautiful. They make great sisters!
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