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Thread: Getting closer!

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    All beautiful names. My favorite is Georgia Claire.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erin beth View Post
    Audrey is a gorgeous sister name for Charlotte! Audrey Claire is wonderful. Esther Ivy would be my second choice.

    Thank you for your input!

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    @llbaby22 thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyblue View Post
    I love Audrey Claire and Esther Ivy!!!
    Thank you! Audrey Claire is a beautiful name, and I agree goes well. This is our last so I was hoping to use more of the “different “ names I’ve loved but it may not be meant to be!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brittanyanitarose View Post
    I agree with the above, Audrey is great as a sister for Charlotte! And Audrey Claire is lovely. My second pick would be Georgia Claire, and Esther Ivy is 3rd for me. All of your names are excellent and you really can't go wrong though.
    Thank you!

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