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    Boy Name Frustration

    My husband and I plan to start trying for our second child in a few months and I have started working with him on names because we had such a difficult time finding boy names we liked last time and I worry that the only boy name my husband actually likes is our son's name Samuel Dean Lastname.

    My husband likes longer boy names that have a nickname. So far the only one he has suggested is Jackson, which I vetoed because although we don't mind common names I don't want our kid to be the 5th kid in his class with the same name.

    Names we can't use because we already have family members with that name:

    One name I do like is Charles, nickname Charlie. But my husband has a cousin with that as his first name, but he goes by his middle name. Is it ok to use it since his cousin has never gone by his first name? Or should we leave Charles/Charlie alone since it is already taken?

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    I think using Charles/Charlie would be fine. Charles Dean is very handsome.
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    If he goes by his middle name, I don't really see the problem, but maybe ask cousin Charles.

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    I think using Charles in this case is perfectly fine. Samuel and Charles makes for a nice sibset.

    If your husband vetoes it though here are a few suggestions:

    Benjamin (adore Samuel & Benjamin/ Sam & Ben)
    Bennett (Ben)
    Thomas (Tom/Tommy/Thom)
    Jasper (Jas/Jazz)
    Grayson/Greyson (Gray/Grey)
    Hunter (Hunt)
    Julian (nn Jules/Jools)
    Zachary (Zac/Zach)
    Harrison (Harris)
    Adrian (Addy/Addie)
    Jacoby (Jack)
    Finnegan (Finn)
    August (Auggie)
    Nolan (Noel or Noe)
    Peter (Pete)
    Frederick (Fred/Freddy/Freddie)
    Jamison/Jameson (Jamie/James)
    Louis/Lewis (Lou)
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    I think Charles would be fine and Charlie fits well with Samuel

    Seconding pp's suggestion of Benjamin or Bennett!
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