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    DH (62): Theodore Mercury Magnus Carmichael "Theo"
    DW (60): Clementine Rosemary Dove Carmichael (Lovecraft) "Clemmie"
    DS1 (38): Theodore Mercury Magnus Carmichael Jr. "Teddie"
    DD1 (36): Eleanor Clementine Astrid Carmichael "Ellie"
    DD2 (33): Beatrix Rosemary Imogen Carmichael "Trixie"
    DD3 (30): Rosalie Dove Olive Carmichael "Rosie"
    DS2 (30): Oliver Lovecraft Roman Carmichael "Ollie"
    DS1 (38): Theodore Mercury Magnus Carmichael Jr. "Teddie"
    DW (37): Pippa Celeste Amelia Carmichael (Bradshaw)
    DD1 (16): Alice Pippa Edith Carmichael
    DD2 (14): Lily Celeste Lucille Carmichael
    DD3 (12): Rosie Amelia Willa Carmichael
    DS1 (9): Theodore Mercury Magnus Carmichael III "Ted"
    DS2 (8): Milo Bradshaw Casper Carmichael
    DD1 (36): Eleanor Clementine Astrid Allerton (Carmichael) "Ellie"
    DH (40): August James Rupert Allerton "Gus"
    DS1 (10): August James Rupert Allerton "Augie"
    DS2 (7): Cassius Bennett Franklin Allerton "Cass"
    DD2 (33): Beatrix Rosemary Imogen Chalamet (Carmichael) "Trixie"
    DH (32): Arthur Pierre Timothée Chalamet
    DD1 (9): Margaux Beatrix Polly Chalamet
    DD2 (6): Camille Rosemary Summer Chalamet
    DD3 (2): Lilou Imogen Colette Chalamet
    DD3 (30): Rosalie Dove Olive England (Carmichael) "Rosie"
    DH (31): Austen Frederick Clarke England
    DS1 (11): Frederick Austen Cole England "Freddy"
    DD1 (8): Annabel Rosalie Fawn England "Annie"
    DS2 (2): Henry Odin Clarke England
    DD2 (2): Evangeline Dove Hope England "Eva"
    DS2 (30): Oliver Lovecraft Roman Carmichael "Ollie"
    DW (29): Ingrid Pandora Venus Carmichael (Melville)
    DS1 (4): Forest Oliver Melville Carmichael
    DD1 (4): Starling Rosalie Ingrid Carmichael
    sylvie beatrice. poppy olivine. oona pandora. peggy fenella. lotus yvette. yana lavender.
    louie matthias. clement wright. hampton hugo. victor roman. malcolm bruin. ozzie walker.

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