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    Congratulations on boy number two. I absolutely adore Cedar (and Sequoia and Juniper!), so I’m excited to see what you come up with next! I have heard Sequoia as a boy name, if you would like to consider that I think it’s completely doable.
    You’ve had some fantastic suggestions and thoughts here. I love the nature name theme. Maybe...

    Cedar & Boreal (keeping the tree theme going)

    Cedar & Sage (plant based)

    Cedar & Willoughby (also tree related, means “willow town”)

    Cedar & Koa (the Acacia Koa is a tree native to Hawaii, I believe. Keeps the tree theme, but more subtle then say Pine or Oak)
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    I love the theme of using tree names, and while I don’t think you should let anyone make you feel bad about it, I do feel Cedar and Sequoia are a bit too on the nose. What about a name that ha a tree associated meaning? Here’s some options I found that I feel work well with Cedar and also are wonderful on their own.
    Cullen- holly tree
    Hollis- dweller at the holly trees
    Nash- by the ash tree
    Oren- laurel or pine tree
    Stockard- tree stump

    I think that Cedar and Stockard might be my favorite. The name Stockard is just very appealing to me. It’s very unique, but familiar and usable. Much like Cedar.

    Runners up:
    Cedar and Cullen
    Cedar and Hollis
    Cedar and Nash

    Hope this helps!
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    Thank you everyone once again for your very thoughtful comments. Will update once we decide! Still debating but currently considering Cove, Finn, Hawthorne...but nothing is standing out as a perfect name. Your comments help so much and will be reviewing them with my husband

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    I absolutely adore nature names, and I love the idea of a tree theme - even more so because of the special meaning to your family! I also live in the PNW, and if you're anywhere near Portland, I can assure you that people will have heard far weirder names than Cedar, Sequoia, and Juniper.

    Cove is one of my dark horse favorites. I love the cool consonant and open vowel followed by the velvety soft V. It's such a peaceful name.

    I'm less keen on Finn, especially when paired with Cedar, which is far more unusual.

    I love Hawthorne as a brother for Cedar! There's the tree connection, but Hawthorne also has gentle literary vibes with the -e on the end.

    Some more suggestions:

    Cedar and Rowan
    Cedar and Forest
    Cedar and Briar
    Cedar and Sylvan
    Cedar and Alder
    Cedar and Sycamore
    Cedar and Basil
    Cedar and Everest
    Cedar and Colt
    Cedar and Bracken
    Cedar and Spruce
    Cedar and Arrow
    Cedar and Wilder
    Cedar and Falcon
    Cedar and Garland
    Cedar and Cypress
    Cedar and Birch
    Cedar and Fletcher
    Cedar and Hickory
    Cedar and Fern
    Cedar and Asher
    Cedar and Moss
    Cedar and Indigo
    Cedar and Linden
    Cedar and Archer
    Cedar and Robin
    Cedar and Kodiak
    Cedar and Grove
    Cedar and Atlas
    Cedar and Phoenix
    Cedar and Jasper
    Cedar and Huckleberry nn Huck
    Cedar and Barrow
    Cedar and Arden
    Cedar and Orion
    Cedar and River
    Cedar and Sparrow
    Cedar and Wolfe
    Cedar and Aspen
    Cedar and Heath
    Cedar and Oleander
    Cedar and Sorrel
    Cedar and Arbor
    Cedar and Rook
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    Iv posted this on your other thread too.

    My suggestions are
    Cedar and Colm -Dove
    Cedar and Bran- Raven
    Cedar and Florian-Flowery or Flourishing
    Or my favourite Cedar and Silven (Sil-Vn) - of the forest
    I know its similar to Cedar but i think enough to sound like a pair but not to in you face.

    Good luck choosing!

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    I can't thank you guys enough for all your suggestions and the time you put into offering ideas. It means a lot. Baby is not due until Sept. so we have some time (with our first we waited several days after he was born before settling on a name).

    My husband likes Cypress but it reminds me of the word "priss" as in "prissy." I think it could work but feels feminine to me. He also likes Willow (but I think that works better for a girl) and some other names which are a ways off from the feel of Cedar (e.g. Stanley and Locarno). I like Bowen but my husband has too much personal baggage associated with that one. I also like Orion and Jasper but husband vetoed them. Zephyr is nice but sounds a bit too much like Cedar.

    Alder is nice...

    At the moment I think our top pics are Hawthorn(e) (husband prefers) or Cove (I prefer).

    There are so many awesome names!! I am glad I found this website

    Thank you again.

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    I like both Hawthorne and Cove! You should be aware, though, that there's a Hallmark channel show called Cedar Cove.

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    I would probably choose a nature inspired name, not necessarily another tree specifically


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