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    Middle name for Evie

    My due date is approaching in early April and we can’t seem to finalize a girl name! If the baby is a boy we have decided on Atlas (most likely middle will be Finn) but girl names are never simple for us! I have always loved Evie and like the names the nn is derived from however we can’t agree on one. I wouldn’t mind just having her name Evie because that’s what we would always call her. I am struggling with middle names big time! Any suggestions on would be great. This little ones sibling names are Roman Blair, Mercer Valor and Scout Mae to give you an idea of names we sway toward. Thanks!

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    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Ezra Apollo|Tristan Rafferty|Sholto Felix|Otto Elias

    Thinking about...
    Franklin Jasper|Galahad River|Orson Fletcher|Ozias Boone
    Ailish Cordelia|Scout Eleanor|Eudora Violet|Elowen Daphne

    More names!

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    Alexandros - Yiannis - Leonidas - Nikolaos - Aggelos - Dimitris.
    Alexandra - Michaela - Maria Iris - Elektra - Anastasia - Eva.

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    Evie Seraphina is on my own list, and I love Evie Penelope and Evie Lorelei.

    now using forum account eireann

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    Evie is so cute - definitely works on its own!

    Evie Jane
    Evie Eliza
    Evia Elena
    Evie Shae
    Evie Olive
    Evie Danielle
    Evie Fay
    Evie Io
    Evie Wren

    Good luck name hunting!

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