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    Fox Franklin Pierce

    What do you guys think? I'm 100% on Fox and I love Franklin for our honor name plus Frankie is adorable.
    I know Fox is out there but it's meaningful to us. So I'm just curious what your reaction would be if you met a little boy named Fox?

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    I really like the name Fox! I've met several people with that name over the years, and it stands out in a good way and people are always interested in the story behind the name.
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    Thank you I'm glad there is a positive association

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    I think the middles do a good job of rounding out the name! Ground it in something a little more classic

    I would like to meet a little Fox, and later on think I would dissociate it from the cutsey animal name no problem upon meeting an adult
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    Both names aren't my style, but I think it works really nice together. Flows well, and is fun to say

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