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    I like Artemisia Fable & Celina Story. Have you considered Celia?
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    My favorite first names are Octavia and Cressida. My favorite combos are Octavia Sonnet and Honora Darcy. I like the suggestion that you mix and match each of your favorites. Cressida Skye would be stunning.
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    There was immediately a name that jumped out at me as a compromise: Sonata. It has the type of ending that you favor, as in Honora and Diora, and the beginning of Sonnet! My favorite combos are Artemisia Fable, Octavia Sonnet, and Celina Story.

    EDIT: Sonora is another great choice!
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    Love the pp's suggestion of Sonata.

    I will suggest Everly Rose

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    Thank you guys, you are amazing! I'm pretty sure that now we have enough options to agree on something. Thank you very much!

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