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    Looking for a name for our baby girl

    Hi Berries!

    A long time lurker first time poster here.

    Our baby girl is due in late April and we are still unsure about her name.

    My DH wants a regal and playful combination. His top 3:

    Artemisia Fable
    Cressida Lyra
    Octavia Sonnet

    I want something cute and girly, my top picks are:

    Diora Skye
    Honora Darcy
    Celina Story

    I'm also in love with Ever Rose, kindly suggested by my mother-in-law. We are unable to pick the best combination out of these names, so we definitely need some help.

    Any advice is deeply appreciated! Thank you!

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    My favourite names of yours are:

    Cressida Lyra and Celina Story - I think they cross between cute and girly and also regal - they're also really nice combos

    May I suggest Evelina with the nickname Ever? It feels regal, girly and playful but also gives you your MIL's suggestion? Evelina Rose, Evelina Fable, Evelina Story or Evelina Sonnet would all be nice
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    More names!

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    Octavia Sonnet is my favourite from the first list, Honora Darcy or Celina Story from the second. Ever Rose is not my style. Good luck!
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    Octavia Sonnet is lovely, regal but playful and sweet.
    I’m not keen on Ever but what about Evelyn or Everly?
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    I second Evelina nn Ever! Although at first read I thought the suggestion was Everlina which sounds beautiful.

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