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    Cressida Lyra is my fave, followed by Octavia (with Lyra as a middle name. Sonnet is not my style.)

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    Cressida Darcy for sure.

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    You two actually have a lot in common when it comes to style! I think if you focus on the names that compromise between your tastes, you'll have a great short list.

    First Names:
    Cressida - Cressida is lovely, and the nicknames Cressy or Sid make it cuter and more wearable.
    Octavia - A big name for a little human. But the nickname Tavi is so cute!
    Honora - I think Honora is very regal and also offers the nickname Nora.
    Celina - I prefer Selina or Selena, but Celina is nice, as well. Very regal (a goddess!) but also girly and wearable.

    Artemisia is beautiful, but it's a lot of name, so that doesn't really go with your "cute and girly" imagery. Diora is an unusual name and I don't find it either cute and girly or regal. I would cut this as well.

    Middle Name:
    Fable, Sonnet and Story are all in the same category of word names related to books and stories. Since this is such a prominent theme in your lists, I think you should use one of these or a similar name. Saga? Poet?

    Skye and Darcy both seem trendier than your other picks and I don't think they match well with your first name options. Lyra fits better, but you both seem to have a propensity for word names in the middle.

    Combo ideas:
    Cressida Lyra
    Lyra Sonnet
    Octavia Story
    Honora Fable
    Cressida Story
    Celina Fable

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    First name first

    Cressida and celina seem the most wearable, either complete or with nicknames.

    Cressida could be Sidda, Siddy, Sessy, or CiCi.
    Celina could be Celia (Hispanic pronunciation with short e), or Lena.

    I think all your middle options are whimsical and good choices. Maybe once you choose the first, the middle will fall into place. It’s a great list.

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    Octavia sounds sweet

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