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    Are these combos pretty enough?

    If you picked best names based on prettiness, which would you choose?

    Charlotte Illyria
    Aurora Valkyrie
    Isabella Ottilie
    Helena Eponine
    Giselle Nerissa
    Cecily Kerensa
    Seraphina Thisbe
    Saskia Bridget
    Gwenllian Saga
    Melody Boudicca

    Rose names:
    Rosalie Amoret
    Rosabelle Heidi
    Rosamund Paisley
    Beatrice Rosina
    Olivia Rhoswen
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    Rosalie Amoret, but then again, you know how much I love this one. Next choice would be Isabella Ottilie.

    Cherished top 10:
    Seraphina, Evangeline, Isabelle, Aurelia, Valentina, Violetta, Rosalind, Vanessa, Catalina, Helena
    Leon, Felix, Gabriel, Magnus, Caspian, Edmund, Cedric, James, Gideon, Francis

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    Based on pretty-ness, I'd choose

    Isabella Ottilie
    Cecily Kerensa
    Rosalie Amoret ( I think this is the prettiest)
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    Ezra Apollo|Sholto Felix|Lysander Henry|Percy Winter
    On re-reading Villette...
    Ginevra Scarlett|Lucy Tabitha/Gwyneira|Paulina Sylvie
    Graham Samson|Alfred Luca Sylvan|Paul Griffin

    More names!

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Charlotte Illyria-This combo doesn't flow that well in my opinion. Charlotte is okay, but I don't think it's that pretty.

    Aurora Valkyrie-The mn seems odd, but Aurora is pretty! It has a very pretty meaning.

    Isabella Ottilie-Beautiful.

    Helena Eponine-I don't find this that pretty. Maybe because of the 'hell' thing.

    Giselle Nerissa-This is okay. It doesn't flow that well. Gisella, though nms either, is prettier.

    Cecily Kerensa-I don't care for the combo, but Cecily is nice. More cute than pretty, but I like it.

    Seraphina Thisbe-Hm. I want to like it, but can't get on board for some reason.

    Saskia Bridget-This sounds more harsh than pretty. I love Bridget, but that's just cute and a little sporty.

    Gwenllian Saga-This is confusing.

    Melody Boudicca-This is not my style, but it does have a pretty sound.

    Isabella Ottilie is the prettiest, I think.

    Rose names:

    Rosalie Amoret-Rosalie is sweet.

    Rosabelle Heidi-this one seems a little forced.

    Rosamund Paisley-I really like this, but it almost sounds more serious than pretty. Almost like a girl handsome...

    Beatrice Rosina-Cute, but more cute than pretty.

    Olivia Rhoswen-This is nice. I mainly like it for the nn Livy.

    Rosalie is the prettiest, although what do you think of Rosalia?

    Hope this helps.

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    Melody Boudicca is very beautiful!

    I also like Aurora Valkyrie and Rosalie Amoret.
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