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Thread: Help!!

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    Thank you everyone!

    asherose- I like the combinations Henry Michael and Owen Lawrence.

    greyblue- Love the combinations. Reuben is our dogs name so that won't work. I like Oscar but Felix and Oscar are the guys from The Odd Couple. I like Leon and Rory too.

    wintersage- I like Atlas and Jasper but I just don't like the name Hugo that much (sorry).

    grakym- Grant is his dad's name! Lol so as much as I like Grant I don't think we're going to use that.

    168brl- That's my favorite too! Just wanted to keep our options open in case we find something even better.

    eloiset- From those I like Jude Lawrence, Henry Michael, Isaac Lawrence, Arthur Lawrence, and Rory Michael.

    llbaby22- The meanings of Felix and Isaac are perfect for each other! Oliver's a cool name too.

    18_25- Denny reminds me too much of the Denny's restaurants.

    river_dweller- Love those combinations!

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