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    How should we spell her name?!

    We have decided on Juliet(te) for our daughter who is due this summer. The only problem is I keep going back and forth on the spelling. Juliette vs Juliet.

    I see pluses to both. Juliette emphasizes the pronunciation we prefer (emphasis on the last syllable), is prettier looking imo, and distances it a bit from the Shakespeare reference. This is also the spelling my husband prefers.

    Juliet on the other hand is less complicated, looks cleaner, shorter (like our son’s name), and may be most peoples go to spelling (although Juliette is actually more popular in the US now).

    Her mn will be Catherine. Her nn is Jules. Her brother is Liam Sebastian.

    I didn’t think the spelling of a name would give me this much trouble. Do you have any opinions on the two spellings or insights you’d like to share? Thanks!

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    I voted Juliette, first of all because it emphasizes the pronunciation you want which is very important in my opinion, and I also think it looks prettier.

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    I know a Juliet, and she's never really had spelling issues.
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    Juliet gmv -it just looks so much sleeker and non fussy to me
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    I love both, but personally tend toward the more traditional spellings of names so I voted Juliet. You really can’t go wrong though.

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