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    I really like:
    Henry (popular but so sweet yet strong)
    Franklin (feels distinct but familiar and Frankie is nice!)
    Casper (Cas) (I love the gentle sounds)
    Arthur (love the sounds - it feels very versatile as a name)
    Sarai Matilda|Romilly Charlotte|Ginevra Snow|Ilaria Winter
    Tristan Wilder|Everett Orion|Ezra Apollo|Otto Elias

    Stretched nicknames
    Elodie Saffron 'Effie'|Ophelia Alice 'Opal'|Cara Leonie 'Cleo'
    Arthur Logan 'Arlo'|Reed Emerson 'Remy'|Tobias Edwin 'Teddy'

    More names!

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    Casper 100%

    This would be great in a poll

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