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  • Sunniva Lux

    24 29.63%
  • Cosima Rose "Coco"

    44 54.32%
  • Elowen Sage

    52 64.20%
  • Blossom Beatrix

    10 12.35%
  • Kerensa Dove

    21 25.93%
  • Elowen Lumi

    25 30.86%
  • Harlow Bliss

    16 19.75%
  • Seraphine Moon

    23 28.40%
  • Willow Saskia

    44 54.32%
  • Cordelia Reverie

    34 41.98%
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    Are any of these nice?

    I know a lot may not be to everyones taste but are any completely unusable? Im thinking later in life like on job applications

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    The only one that i dont like is Blossom Beatrix cause it seems a bit too cutesy to me. All the others are completely usable imo. My personal favourite is Willow Saskia.
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    Gosh, so many of these are so beautiful! I think that most are very usable on job applications and such. Having a unique name is likely going to be less of a hindrance in the future, as the variety of names being used on children these days is much wider. Plus, people with names from Bill to Kamala, from John to Uma, have succeeded in their chosen fields. I think the most important thing is that a name isn't overly cutesy, and truly none of these are. Besides, in a job interview situation, only first names tend to be taken into account (middles are often initial only), so middle names aren't a huge factor. I particularly love Seraphine Moon, Sunniva Lux, Cordelia Reverie, and Blossom Beatrix.
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    So many lovely names!! I love Willow Saskia, Cordelia Reverie, Elownen Sage and Sunniva Lux!!
    I agree with pp though that Blossom Beatrix is the only one I wouldn't consider. I think it would work better reversed or without alliteration
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    I know what you mean about Blossom Beatrix. My aunt was called Blossom ( not her real name but thats all she was ever known as) and Beatrix is my partners grandma. Another honour name is Katherine so maybe Beatrix Katherine Blossom might be better?

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