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    But now I’m thinking Vivie might work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elliesmom18 View Post
    Thanks everyone! Those of you that say Vivienne, I know Vivi is the nickname that commonly comes with it but Evie is what I really love. Could I get away with it?
    Yes, you can easily get away with using Evie as a nn for Vivienne! All the sounds and letters are in the name. I think it's actually a really fun alternative to the more expected ones.
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    I like Vivienne Mae, but if you are set on Evie what about Evalina

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    Thank you!! And Evelina was the name we said first we were going to go with but I feel like it’s to much with Eliana

    As of now for a boy we’re going with
    Callan Robert and if it’s a girl we think we will do Vivienne Mae and either call her Evie or Vivie not sure yet lol

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    Everly Mae is the best combo al5though I am a sucker for Vivienne (I prefer the spelling Vivian May though).
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