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    I vote for Vivienne Mae.
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    I really like Evienne...Evie is a more intuitive nickname w/Evienne, & Eliana & Evienne sound wonderful together. But of your original options, I like Vivienne Mae the best, as for me Eliana & Vivienne go together better than your other three options. I don't see the nickname Evie as impossible w/Vivienne; I think as long as you let people know that she goes by Evie it's fine. Good luck!
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    I love Vivienne Mae with Eliana! Vivienne is one of my favorites and I think she matches the frill and class of Eliana perfectly. I definitely think Evie works as a nickname for Vivienne. The letters and sounds are all there.
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    I vote Vivienne Mae. I think this name is different enough from Eliana to give her her own identity but still matches it in elegance. I agree with PP that Evie is not intuitive for Vivienne though so you might have to push Evie for a while with others to get it to stick if you are set on it.
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    Thanks everyone!! I love Evie so much that I really want to find a full name I love just as much. This is my biggest problem!!

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