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    Baby #3 is a girl! - Extremely picky parents

    Baby #3 is a girl! Brother 1 has a classic name with a stretch nickname so I won't post it here but it's in the style of Abraham "Bram". Brother 2 is Oliver "Ollie". After months of research I've gotten so far off the beaten path my favorite is now Holiday "Holly" but of course DH is not on board (plus we can't use it because Ollie and Holly are too close). I used to have a million rules but now I can't even find a name so I hope someone can steer me back to the right direction. My rules used to be: No nicknames for first name (e.g. Eliza is a beautiful name but I'd have to use Elizabeth), easy to pronounce/spell, not too popular (after meeting 10 other Olivers). They will have middles in a difference language. This is 99% our last baby so can't save any favorites for the next one. Here are some favorites and reasons for not using them (you can see I like stretch nn).

    Short list
    Adelaide "Daisy" (Very neutral about Adelaide, almost too little feeling; son says he'll call her "Daisy Duck")
    Marianne "Mae" (DH's favorite nn but I sometimes pronounce it Marion and maybe it's too midcentury)

    Older favorites (These are all lovely names and I realize the reasons extremely picky)
    Clementine "Minnie" (Still trying to convince DH but he thinks she'll get teased)
    Catherine "Wren" (DH has a hard time pronouncing and Wren is so beautiful but not as cheery as we'd like)
    Eleanor "Ella" (Too popular but maybe if I like any of the other nn's)
    Eloise "Lulu" (Too popular and I have a hard time pronouncing)
    Amelia (Too popular and apparently you pronounce it ah-MEE-lia; I've always pronounced it ah-MILL-lia)
    Margaret "Mae" (Lovely name but I can't shake off Margaret Thatcher's image)
    Miriam "Mae" (Still trying to make Mae fit but not sticking)
    Teresa "Tess" (DH knew someone)
    Penelope "Penny" (Our last name is another coin)
    Elowen "Winnie" (DH vetoed)
    Amabel "Mae" (DH vetoed)
    Gertrude "Trudy" (DH vetoed)
    Matilda (DH vetoed)
    Magnolia/Violet/Camellia (In theory I love floral names but they don't seem to fit)
    Unfortunately I have a hard time pronouncing -line names (so no Caroline/Emmeline)

    Not considering
    June related names

    Are we completely hopeless?

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    Thoughts on your short list:
    Adelaide "Daisy" - I love Adelaide - it's fun, sweet and elegant and I think Daisy is a lovely nickname, but you don't sound enthusiastic about it at all
    Marianne "Mae" -not my favourite, but Mae is a lovely nickname and that makes me like it more

    Some thoughts on some of your older favourites (some I've left out because I'm not sure they're worth considering still)

    Clementine "Minnie" - I don't think she'd get teased - Clementine is gaining popularity (not rapidly, but it's becoming more familiar nonetheless) and Minnie is cute.

    Eleanor "Ella" - I don't know very many Eleanors, if that helps- some other nicknames could be Nore, Lenore, Leni, Elora, Elle, Nell, Nellie

    Miriam - I really like this and I could see Mae working if you could get it to stick.

    Some suggestions
    Wilhelmina/Willemina 'Minnie' 'Willa' 'Willow' 'Winnie'
    Josephine 'Joni' 'Posy' 'Effie'
    Marilyn 'Mae'
    Maria/Mariah 'Mae'
    Florence 'Flora' 'Wren'
    Martha 'Mae'
    Marianna 'Mae' (does it modernise Marianne a little?)
    Arabella 'Ella'
    Luella 'Lulu' 'Ella'
    Margot 'Mae' (I know Margot is a nickname kind of but it has long usage as a full name)
    Felicity 'Fae' 'Fifi'
    Phillipa 'Lily' 'Pippa'
    Estella 'Essie' 'Stella' 'Ella'
    Cecilia 'Lilia' 'Lily' 'Cece' 'Celia'
    Rosemary 'Mae' 'Rosa' 'Romy'
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    More names!

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    I like Holiday alot! Nn for Holiday could be Hallie (slightly different sound than Ollie) or Daisy.

    From your short list I really like Adelaide and Daisy as a nn is lovely.
    How about Adelaide Mae? And if you're not 100% on Adelaide, what about Adaline or Abigail?
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    From your list I like:
    Adelaide nn Daisy
    Clementine nn Millie
    Violet (nn Vio?)

    I really like Adelaide nn Daisy and Clementine nn Millie for you. These names are so sweet and huggable.
    โ€œBramโ€, Ollie & Daisy
    โ€œBramโ€ Ollie & Millie

    I also think a little baby Violet with two older brothers sounds so sweet. I love the sibling set of โ€œAbrahamโ€, Oliver & Violet.
    โ€œBramโ€ Ollie & Vio sound especially cute together

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    Adelaide: If you are this lukewarm on it, I wouldn't use it. I couldn't tell, but was son calling her daisy duck a turn off?

    Marianne: Not too mid-century. I think it would fit in well today and is sweet.

    Clementine: What I could see being teasable is the nickname Minnie. Minnie Mouse is one, and then the connection to the word 'mini' which could be used in a lot of ways by teasers. These really aren't that bad, though.

    Margaret: If you could shake off that image, I think this would be the name for you as you seem to love the long and the short versions. Maybe Maggie Smith would be a good replacement? Lovely woman and actress. Here's a link to other famous Margaret's with their faces so you can maybe associate better:

    Some other names you might consider:
    Violet: this has the classic feeling, cute nicknames of Vi, Lottie, Lettie. Straightforward pronunciation and seems to bypass any of the pronunciation difficulties you and your husband seem to have on the listed names. Though now I see you have it on your list under the flower names that don't quite fit.
    Martha: Is this a hard pronunciation for either of you? You could use Mae here.
    Maeve: Straight shot to Mae, pretty straight forward pronunciation.
    Tabitha: Definitely less popular, nicknames of Tibby, Tabby.

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