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    Lightbulb Thoughts on these names?

    This is for a project to help name my friend's upcoming child, we don't know the gender but the child is due in August, I can't give any more details due to privacy concerns.

    Thoughts on these names:
    Cathleen / Kathleen

    Which ones are your faves, and what could you suggest if any?

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    These names are super cute! My favorites are Candace, Martha, Matilda, and Stella. I would suggest Beatrice for girls

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    A lot of the names feel a bit 1980s and 2990s. Not bad just not my style. Then you have some that very much are my style.

    Cathleen and Kathleen are not what I would choose because I'm not a fan of Cathy. I do love Kit, and that's use for Katherine... maybe it could work for a Kathleen? Carol/Carolyn nn Carlie is also cute

    Lyza I don't mind but prefer the Spelling of Liza. It seems like your friend likes familiar names but not super common or names quickly rising so I would avoid Eliza, but maybe Leisl?

    Pamela I love as is

    The rest are fine, just not my style.

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    Hi there.

    Here are my thoughts:

    Candace-I don't care for this. I can only picture a snooty middle aged woman in a pants suit. Not sure why...

    Cathleen / Kathleen-I kind of like this with the 'K' spelling. Mainly because the nns Kit & Kitty are adorable.

    Lyza-This spelling looks way off. I don't care much for Liza, but as a nn for Elizabeth with that spelling it would be kind of cool and different.

    Martha-This seems a tad dated.

    Marley-I don't just seems a bit trendy.

    Matilda-This is nice. Solid, but has a little flair. I love the nn Millie.

    Nadia-I adore this. Mainly because I'm a huge gymnastics fan.

    Natalie-I don't care for this name, but no real reason. May be a personal association come to think of it. It's fine though.


    Pamela-This seems sort of dated, but I think it may just be ready for a comeback.

    Riley-Way too trendy.

    Shelly-My name is Michelle, & I hate when people call me Shelly. That being said, I would only do it as a nn. I guess it's different.

    Skye-Beautiful! It's my kitty's mn (Amelia Skye.) . Simple & elegant, but a little exotic.

    Stella-Love it! One of my top favorites. Classic & feminine, but a little spunky.

    Taylor-See Riley.

    Vanessa-I don't care for it, but it's alright.

    Hope this helps.

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