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    Flora has arrived!

    Our Flora Evelina Lucie arrived a few days ago and is a cute little sweetheart. This time around it was challenging to find names we liked that worked both in English and Czech as we have moved, especially for matters of registration. I think we landed on a perfect one though, and Flora seems to suit her very well.

    We came across Evelina as we scoured the lists for names and it really intrigued me for how it looked and sounded. A short search on NB informed me that it meant "wished for child" and it just felt right. Our pregnancy of her was very much a surprise after years of my struggling with secondary infertility and after years of trying and treatment having her sister Odilia. With Flora it was no effort at all, everything just flo'ed, forgive the pun! Lucie is a family name and is very, very common where we live, it is also a sweet nod to St. Lucy and the legend surrounding her. And Flora we chose because it has been a favorite for a long time and why not? We're so happy!
    My kids: Lukas Benedict ~ Ivo William ~ Isabel Marjorie Anna ~ Oliver George ~ Odilia Catherine Colette ~ Flora Evelina Lucie

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    Congratulations! Little Flora has a stunning name (and so do her siblings!)
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    Thinking about

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    Congrats! Flora Evelina Lucie is so beautiful!
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    Congratulations! She has a wonderful name!
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    I'm sorry for my bad english.

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    Beautiful! Flora is one of my favourite names ever, congratulations!
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