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    Changing My Name

    Hi! I'm not a baby (though it'd be really cool to meet an infant who could type at such a high degree of English proficiency), but I am looking for a name change.

    My mother has decided to give me the 'go' and allow me to change my legal name, but I'm not sure if the name I'm eyeing for myself might be a bit too 'out there' for use. I'm a girl, if that makes any difference.

    Jensen. Yeah. My students (I did this student teaching program for a few months) started calling me Jensen one day as a joke name, but the name grew on me so much that I realized I liked it way more than I could ever like my current name (Jenny. Ich.). The only problem is, it seems a bit too surname-y for use as a given name? I also have no Scandinavian heritage, so the very Nordic name does make me somewhat nervous on that front, too.

    Thoughts? Thank you!

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    I too think it sounds like a surname. It also sounds unisex, which I'm not sure is a good thing or not for you. I personally would keep searching for some more names just to put it to comparison. I also grew up with some nicknames that to me sounded better than my full name, but if I actually had the option to change my name, I would just go all out and choose a completely different name. So the question is, do you actually like Jensen or do you just like it because it's better than Jenny?

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    You pose a good question, and one I definitely need to think more about. Really, I think what attracts me to Jensen is precisely its masculine quality, while still being close enough to my current name that it feels familiar. It still feels like me, but a better version of me (not because I think male is better, but because the name feels more comfortable for some reason and I always thought Jenny was too cutesy and hyperfeminine).

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    I do like Jensen, and I didn't think of its Scandinavian origins until you pointed it out. I believe I've heard of a school-aged girl named Jensen- it fits nicely into the surnames-as-given-names trend.

    If you want to change your name, Jensen is a good choice. It sounds like you've already started to identify with the name, and it's so close to your given name that the transition would be fluid. My only concern is that there's the possibility of the nicknames Jenny and Jen, if that's something you want to avoid.
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    Lots of surname names work fine as given names, and Jensen is one I've seen used before. I don't think it's too out there, especially of it feels like a part of your identity now, which is what it sounds like.
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