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    Which name would you choose?

    Hi all,
    These are my top boys names for a future son, which one would you suggest I choose?

    has always been a favourite of mine as it's classic and beautiful meaning.
    I adore this spelling of the name Ammar which means devoted to God and pious. However do you think this spelling would cause confusion for the pronunciation Ah- mar?
    love the meaning and flow
    Very classic and beauitful meaning
    beautiful and good meaning
    A lovely name
    It has a good meaning I think it sounds lovely

    Many thanks
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    I personally like Elias the best, but I think you should choose your favorite Zakariah, it’s a nice name

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    Zakariah -- A nice, spunky yet classy name.
    Amare -- I said this uh-MAH-ray, and still want to say it that way, honestly. If uh-MAHR is what you want, I think Ammar/Amar would be your best bet.
    Salahan -- I've not heard of Salahan and it makes me think 'surname', however, it has a nice enough look and sound to it.
    Elias -- a good, strong name. Different, yet familiar.
    Yuhannis -- I've not seen this variation, however, I'm assuming it's an Arabic form of John? It's unfamiliar so I suppose due to that looks a little awkward to me, however, I don't mind Johannes and the like, so it would work well enough.
    Jishan -- I've never seen this one, either, but like Salahan, it looks nice enough.

    I am pretty unfamiliar with all of these really, bar Elias & Zakariah, which thus, would be my choices from your list. I prefer Elias, however, as you've always loved Zakariah, that would be my choice for you.
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    I love Elias!! I like Amare too but like pp, I think Ammar would be an easier spelling - plus Amare seems to have different origins, if that bothers you
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    I love Zakariah- the k in this spelling looks fresh but also feels kindness of archaic and I love it.
    I’m surprised by this but I like Salahan... I think because Sal is a very cute nickname, while Salahan sounds like this authoritative leader that a baby could grow into!

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